TEF looks at collaboration aimed at building Climate Resilience in the Creolophone Caribbean

The SLHTA Tourism Enhancement Fund met with UNITE Caribbean Project Coordinator Anissa Zapata and Consultant Felix Finisterre, to discuss a new initiative aimed at building Climate Resilience in the Creolophone Caribbean, beginning with the establishment of a  Saint Lucia National Action Network on Climate Resilience. The “Caribbean/Climate” Regional Integration Support Project aims at strengthening regional integration among the French and Creole-speaking Caribbean, through TA, capacity building and the development of a network of stakeholders on topics related to climate resilience.

 The objective of the project is to provide a support and technical assistance fund for the development of the said integration among participating territories and stakeholders; and identifying unmet and latent capacities in the area of climate resilience. The target/beneficiary territories are: Haiti, Dominica and Saint Lucia ▪ The territories providing technical assistance and training are: the French West Indies (DOMS, viz., Martinique and Guadeloupe).
November 2018 is Business Month!

SLHTA TEF Linkages Officer Donette Ismael met with Jonathan Allain, Representative of Department of Commerce, International Trade, Investment, Enterprise Development & Consumer Affairs to discuss Business Month 2018 being held under the theme “Sustainable Enterprises – People, Planet and Profit.” The need to address issues such as the increasing depletion of natural resources, coupled with climate change and economic inequality continues to be of priority to Governments, as they seek policy prescriptions to address these global challenges. The call for continued involvement of all stakeholders particularly the business community in curtailing these environmental and social issues is therefore critical. As such, Business Sustainability has now become the new catch phrase in today’s corporate environment. The need to preserve the environment while still being profitable is an important consideration that many enterprises face.

Apart from saving the planet, sustainable practices have a number of benefits for an enterprise. These include:
  • Saving Money: Employing eco-friendly technologies and cutting down on waste in energy, resources and employee time generates significant annual savings.
  • Boosting Customer Retention and Attracting Investment: Lean, efficient businesses with a reputation for earth-friendly profits now attract a lot of attention from savvy investors, new customers and the media.
  • Creating Green-Collar Jobs: Thanks to an increasing focus on sustainability, a lot of new titles have been introduced into our lexicon, including passive solar building designer, wind energy engineer and energy-efficient construction worker. Some believe that renewable energy development could create millions of new jobs.
  • Attracting and Retaining Employees: Businesses with fair and ethical practices attract highly qualified employees. Happier workers also tend to perform better, circumventing the expensive process of firing and rehiring.   
 The activities of Business Month 2018 will seek to highlight: 
  • What is sustainability and a sustainable enterprise?
  • Why is sustainability important to an enterprise?
  • What are the benefits of becoming a sustainable enterprise?
  • How can sustainable practices be incorporated into an enterprise’s daily business practices?
  • Highlight local enterprises who have successfully adopted sustainability practices 
Final tranche of funds being disbursed for wheelchair project

Next week the SLHTA is set to disburse the final set of funding to the Rotary Club of Saint Lucia for the procurement of over 270 wheelchairs for donation to persons with disabilities. Earlier this year, the two agencies signed a memorandum of understanding which outlined the provision of the funding from the TEF and the sourcing and distribution of the chairs by the Rotary Club. 

The chairs are expected to be available for distribution early next year. As part of the agreement, training is also expected to be provided to persons with disabilities to maintain and repair the wheelchairs, thereby creating some micro entrepreneurial activity. The final payment of $40,000 EC dollars is expected to be handed over next week.  https://thevoiceslu.com/2018/09/rotary-wheelchair-project-gets-big-time-tourism-enhancement/

SLHTA TEF looks at supporting NCA Beach Rangers

The Board of Trustees for the Fund, last month, approved in principle, support for a project submitted by the National Conservation Authority (NCA) aimed at strengthening beach security along the Reduit Beach. The support forms part of an overarching ongoing discussion on possible construction of a vendor’s arcade in the area, as well as comfort stations, all expected to be managed by the NCA. While discussions are still ongoing, the principle of supporting licensed vending activity and a wholesome recreational environment for locals and visitors alike is a key consideration of the SLHTA TEF.
Sustainable Development Goals – Know them, Support them, Practice them