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March 10, 2021
Finalize Your Registration TODAY
Did you complete your registration by providing payment information? We are now accepting payment which must be received by MARCH 20TH TO AVOID LATE FEES. Placement in the league will not happen until payment has been submitted.

You'll find complete program info in our Registration Newsletter so don't wait any longer and get ready to play ball!
The WYBSL conducts 2 different types of player assessments based upon league of play (there are no Tee-Ball assessments):
  1. Play-up Assessments: MANDATORY for those who registered to play in an "older" age division league.
  2. Skill Assessments: are not mandatory but participation is strongly encouraged. These assessments are conducted to help balance team selection either by draft of staff assignment.

Skill assessments are only conducted for certain leagues:
  • Blue Hat Softball: these assessments help league staff balance team selection.
  • Green/Red Hat Softball: assessments are used for coaches to draft teams.
  • Green/Red/Blue/Black Hat Baseball: assessments are used for coaches to draft teams.
  • Players who cannot attend their skill assessment are assigned to teams using a blind draw/“age and alphabet” assignment or by Staff.

Assessments are scheduled for Saturday, March 27th. The rain date will be Sunday, March 28th with times 3 hours later than the Saturday schedule. Should this also rain out, the next make-up will be April 10th.

Please see our newsletter to reference important Play-up and Skill Assessment details on p. 6. You can also find times and locations for each league on the calendar on p. 8.
We know plans change! Please know that refunds will be processed within four weeks after a valid request and as follows:
  • If reported by March 31, a full refund will be given. 
  • If reported by April 30, a $25 processing fee will be charged.
  • If reported on or after May 1, there shall be no refund.

In order to request a refund, a parent or guardian must SEND AN E-MAIL to WYBSL@WYBSL.ORG reporting the player’s name, league, date and reason for withdrawal. 
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Things certainly seem to be improving but please remember, it's everyone's responsibility to help prevent the spread of COVID. The WYBSL implemented COVID Safety Guidelines last fall and will once again be following them this spring. Please keep in mind, these are subject to change due to State and Local requirements.

Learn how to get your player ready to play ball with tips from our partners at OhioHealth Sports Medicine!
Established in 1951, the WYBSL is an independent, non-profit and all volunteer organization dedicated to serving our community's young people.