December 13, 2022
Good Morning Ospreys,

Due to today's school cancellation, our grade-level teams have once again reconfigured Presentation of Learning schedules. Students who were scheduled to present or panel today will be moved to either Wednesday or Thursday. We will not have POLs on Friday, as that day is reserved for our move to the new campus.

  • ADJUSTED 9th grade POL Schedule: Students scheduled to present or panel today, Tuesday, have been rescheduled for either Wednesday 12/14 or Thursday 12/15.

  • ADJUSTED 11th grade POL Schedule: Students scheduled to present today, Tuesday, received an email from Steve outlining options, which include doing the POL via Google Meet Tuesday morning or rescheduling. The junior team will continue to update the linked POL Schedule as they hear back from individual students. All students have been relieved of paneling duties moving forward.

  • ADJUSTED 12th grade POL Schedule: All POLS and paneling scheduled for today, Tuesday, will be moved to Wednesday 12/14. We will run 2 rooms on Wednesday rather than 1 as originally planned. Times will remain the same (10-12 for the morning block, 1-3 for the afternoon block). Thursday's POL schedule remains the same.

We recognize that these adjustments in scheduling might be inconvenient or challenging for folks and hope that everyone will do their best to work with what we've come up with. If the changes listed above pose a significant challenge for you, please reach out directly to the following point person for your grade: Lauren Lucky (9th), Julian Springer (10th), Steve Smith (11th), Lori Fisher (12th).

Thank you for your ongoing patience and flexibility and please drive safely if you venture out today!
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