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October 2013
Finally, Vasalgel rabbit reversal study news!
It took 6 months extra (don't ask -- we don't even want to think about what took so long ... ). But, drum roll please: SPERM ARE FLOWING!

It turns out rabbits are not an easy model for vas-based contraceptive studies (live and learn ... ). Their vas deferens (the tube that sperm swim through) is really fragile, much more so than in humans or even rats. So we spent a lot of time figuring out how to flush out the Vasalgel™ contraceptive for reversal without hurting their vas deferens. After ordering lots of different specialized equipment, the rabbit researcher finally gave it a go last week. Success! The sodium bicarbonate (baking soda solution) really does flush Vasalgel out, and sperm flow was restored. Of course the real test will be in a couple weeks when we get first semen samples. But we're breathing a big sigh of relief.
Timing: How soon to clinical trials?
So with rabbit reversal results in 6 months late, obviously there isn't going to be a clinical trial starting before the end of the year as planned ... but actually, now that we know a lot more about the regulatory process, we're more optimistic than ever about the timeline. We think the first clinical (human) trial can still start in the first half of next year, despite the rabbit reversal delay. (And there's a silver lining to the rabbit delay: It means we have 1 full year of data, instead of 6 months, knowing it kept working in the rabbits.) We've identified what we think is the most direct path to market, and found a great regulatory consultant, and we're busy getting all our ducks (or should that be rabbits?) in a row.
Next step: Monkeys!
The last big step besides lots of planning: A monkey study, and we actually just finalized that plan last week! These aren't your run-of-the-mill monkeys, though -- they're baboons, one of the biggest monkeys and closest species to humans (photo below) -- so good results will be really reassuring both about effectiveness and safety.
But it's gonna take money...
Including paying for the baboon study, we have enough money to last us a little past the end of the year. So what about crowdfunding, you ask? We've been advised by several supporters to wait until we're desperate, that people want to support getting over the LAST hurdle, not just a step in the process. (What do YOU think? Join us on Facebook if you'd like to comment.) Plus we don't have cool T-shirts and a video and all that yet (we've been prioritizing the science side). Last but not least, we feel a little funny asking people to help support animal research, even though there's no other way to get this contraceptive to market. (See below for what we're doing to make life better for the animals.)

So probably no crowdfunding until we have a clinical trial to offer. But you can still help Vasalgel make it there! Send in $5 or $10 with PayPal (or $10,000, that's fine too!) to show potential donors that our supporters will put their money where their mouth is. We're going to need multi-millions, so donors will need to see that people are passionate enough about this to pony up the first thousands.

Paypal Secure Donations

Around 160 people chipped in to pay for the $12,000+ rabbit reversal study -- THANK YOU! But there are over 18,000 men and women on the mailing list now. $10 each, times a third of supporters, would pay for the baboon study, the last step before humans. It's going to be around $50,000 - $60,000 for the study, and we have to write the check in a couple weeks. Will you help us see if we can get 6,000 donations of $10? We'll post progress on Facebook.  And please help us
Baboon for Vasalgel study
An adult male olive baboon. The baboons in the Vasalgel study will live in housing that meets European standards, not just American standards (which are woefully out of date). They'll live in large outdoor enclosures in social groups or harems, and none of them will have to be killed for the study. For more information about what Parsemus Foundation is doing to change animal care standards from within the system, see "Animal welfare" on our website. Please support us in spending the extra money to do things right! (Photo credit: Planetstillalive)
We're working diligently and are thankful for your support!

The Vasalgel™ team

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