October 2016  
Reconstruction & Furnishing

"I hope this is the last church move we will have for the next twenty years!", exclaimed one sister a week before we moved into our new church building.  "I am glad we are finally moving!", said another. "It's been so difficult to organize the children's ministry with this hotel - office arrangement." "We'll move in with what we have and slowly, as finances allow us, work on further reconstruction and furnishing", said one brother to another. 
It was obvious this past week that our people are excited about the move and the new opportunities that lie before us. Even though we have raised enough money for the initial construction work such as dry wall and painting, we still have a ways to go. We need flooring and doors for the sanctuary, kids' classrooms and the conference room as well as furnishings for the cafe- lounge area. This will be the second stage of our building program. We have raised about 45% of funds needed to complete the work thus far, and are believing that our God will provide all we need. Although we are simply renting this building for now, in our contract there is the option to buy within 5 years. We are seriously praying about this option as it would open a whole new arena of ministry and options for us as a church. 
Morning Services
Yaaaaay! Finally, morning services!!!! This is the general consensus among our members. For the first time in 20 years our church will have morning Sunday services, which is more suitable for families with children who were often all very tired by the end of the service.  In addition to Sunday, our new schedule will include mid-week Wednesday services  during which our tweens, teens and college age kids will have their own program. As our children grow up, the need for a youth program is becoming more pronounced. We plan to develop  a ministry for them and equip leaders who will take it over.
Fall Evangelistic Projects
An air of expectancy fills us all as October arrives which marks the beginning of our fall schedule.  In just a couple of weeks we will host our first guest speaker, Bonnie's father, Dr. Dean Hackett. In addition to the much needed family time, we are looking forward to the ministry of he and his wife, Wanda, to our church. Their ministry has always been a great blessing to our church and believers in the greater Zagreb area. Additionally on our schedule, we have  our first evangelistic meeting - a showing of the movie War Room - planned for mid November. This will be our first outreach in the new neighborhood and we hope to invite the local neighbors to join us. As you can see the season ahead of us will be very exciting and eventful, but also very challenging and exhausting with all the work we still need to put into this move. We would truly appreciate your prayers during this time, especially for strength and wisdom in decision making. 
Additional Family Support

My family is doing well. The children are busy with school, however, we do have a quite urgent financial need. For the past 6 months we have been endeavoring to raise an additional $ 1,800 per month to cover our monthly expenses. Our monthly support has been down somewhat and the cost of living here in Croatia rises constantly and as our children grow, so grows the cost of their education, activities and needs, as I'm sure most of you understand and have experienced first hand. Would you, please, consider aiding us on a monthly basis?  We are so thankful and grateful for all that you give, for your prayers and support of us and our ministry. May the Lord richly bless you all.
Mario and Bonnie Ducic
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