The Optimal Brief | June 2021
The Breach That Didn’t Have to Happen
The the word “colonial” is going to resonate for a long time with East Coasters, especially the ones who couldn’t get gas to get to work or pick up their kids. It will be years until Colonial Pipeline’s name is no longer synonymous in the public’s mind with gas lines and ransomware.

But this teaches us a good lesson. 15 billion passwords are for sale on the dark web. Some of them belong to you. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) renders those stolen passwords useless even if they’re still valid in your system. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your business.
Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Face Greatest Security Risk
The user experience an IAM delivers is critical. History has taught us that if security is too hard, users will find a way around it and expose their employers to risk. For example, users will write passwords on paper, they choose passwords that are easily guessed, they re-use passwords, and they share their credentials with co-workers — or people pretending to be their co-workers. Learn how to address the underlying issue and solve these problems.
Six A/B Tests You Can Run on Your E-Commerce Cart
Statistics indicate that nearly 80% of people prefer to use social sharing buttons instead of creating new registrations. Furthermore, over 90% of consumers say they’ve clicked away from an app to avoid completing a registration form. But companies don’t have to lose those customers. Instead, they can provide convenient, secure access while increasing conversion rates by more than 50 percent through the use of social sign-ons. After all, customer experience starts at your registration screen.
Resource Center
Gartner Buyer’s Guide for Access Management
According to Gartner, “Security and risk management leaders responsible for IAM and fraud should follow these five steps to select a long lasting, cost-efficient AM solution.” Consider these Five Steps When choosing a Strategic Access Management Plan.
The Future of Authentication: Behavioral Biometrics, Tokenless MFA & Adaptive Authentication
Frictionless authentication by the way you type? Yes it's true. This presentation discusses how this and other Multi-factor Authentication solutions are changing the login landscape.
Why You Need
Cloud Hosted
Virtual Directory Services
This presentation will discuss the benefits of cloud hosted virtual directory services and provide use cases of how the Optimal IdM team deploys, hosts, manages & monitors their signature virtual directory product, the Virtual Identity Server, in a cloud environment.
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