Finance & Admin Tidbits

It was good to see many of you at Leadership Academy. You can access our presentation on the diocesan website.

As we begin the season of Lent, you are probably also orienting new vestry and bishop's committee members. Please send your congregation's Annual Report that you may have distributed at your annual meeting to our admin assistant, Lauren Warner: Please send them by Friday, March 29.

We are planning to receive audit information from the congregations in a little different manner this year. For those who wish to use it, we’ll have available a way of submitting everything online.This new method helps alleviate physically compiling and mailing the audit binders back and forth. If some congregations feel more comfortable with the traditional method, we’ll be able to supply the binders. The information will all be the same as last year, so please prepare your material now while we work on the on-line link to help you send your material to us.

Additionally, we are finalizing our list of congregations that are scheduled to receive a diocesan review and will notify you shortly if you are part of that list.

Lastly, don’t forget your parochial reports! The deadline was March 1, 2019, and we still haven’t received them from a number of congregations. Please send these in and enter the information on-line as soon as possible. These should be sent to Lauren at as well. 

The Rev. Kirby M. Smith
Diocesan Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Annual Reports Due: March 29
Every year after your annual meeting, we ask you to to send us your Annual Report. You may have distributed this report at your annual meeting. This helps us keep up to date and connected with your congregation. Please send those to Admin Assistant Lauren Warner by Friday, March 29.

The Manual of Business Methods
The Episcopal Church has compiled a remarkable document called The Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs. It contains chapters on everything from parochial reports to taxes. It is available online for free.

Safeguarding God's People
California now requires all employees to have an annual misconduct prevention training. Begin complying by making sure all your church employees and key volunteers have taken Safeguarding God's People. It is available online.

Maintain Your Property
After your people, your building is your most important asset. It is tempting to defer maintenance and not save for major replacement needs. If you do so, you are borrowing from your future. Resist this temptation!