Reapply Now For Financial Aid 
Deadline: April 15, 2015 
It is important to file your applications by the deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will result in aid being awarded on a funds available basis.  


Searching For Scholarships
Need help searching for scholarships from outside Syracuse University? Check out the Office of Scholarship Programs:
  • Sign up for the listserv and receive scholarship opportunities by email.
  • Check out the extensive online scholarship list.
  • Drop by the office at 202 Archbold North to get personal help.

    Current Scholarship Opportunities:

    Buick Achievers Scholarships up to $25,000

    Spokeo Connections Scholarship - $1,000

    JW Surety Bonds Scholarship - $1,000

    Geico Achievement Award - $2,500


    Get Ahead: Saving and Budgeting Tips 

    Advances in technology give consumers the ability to spend money anytime, anywhere. The following tips will help you save in a world that makes spending all too easy:

    • Create and stick to a budget using this budget worksheet. Be sure your budget includes paying yourself first, with a deposit to your savings account.
    • Set a savings goal, but be realistic. Start by saving a comfortable amount and build from there.
    • Once you've reached your savings goal, immediately set another one.
    • Remember, saving just $5 per week will yield a savings of $260 in one year!

    Not sure where or how to begin saving? The Student-to-Student Financial Literacy Program can help you set a budget, teach you how to implement it, and help you start saving your money. Meet with a trained Student Educator today.  


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    Does Aid Eligibility End? 

    • Syracuse University grants and scholarships have time limits--four or five years depending on your program of study. 
    • Other types of  aid (Federal Pell, TEACH, SEOG, Work-Study, Direct and Perkins Loans) have a set number of years of student eligibility.
    • Once all degree requirements are met, federal aid eligibility ends.
    • The Financial Aid Office is required to monitor your academic progress as you work toward your degree to determine continued aid eligibility.
    • Read more about renewing aid and academic progress requirements, or speak with your financial aid counselor today.