Reapply Now For Financial Aid 
Deadline: April 15, 2016
It is important to file your applications by the deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will result in aid being awarded on a funds available basis.  


Searching For Scholarships
Need help searching for scholarships from outside Syracuse University?
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    Current Scholarship Opportunities:

    Buick Achievers Scholarships up to $25,000

    Lexington Law Scholarship - $5,000

    Bella Bathrooms Scholarship - $1,000

    Century Link Scholarship - $1,000

    Platt Family Essay Contest Scholarship - three prizes awarded


    You "Otto" Know This!

    • Two-thirds of college students don't understand the terms of their loans. The Huffington Post
    • The current total student loan debt is about $1.2 trillion. USA Today
    • Student loans are the most common form of increasing debt among 18 to 24 year olds.

    It's no secret! As college costs rise, so has the need for student loans to help you invest in your education.  Fortunately, SU's financial literacy program provides you the tools to build smart money habits now, for a better financial future!  Explore our site to learn how you can budget, save, and get financial counseling.  


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    Does Aid Eligibility End? 

    • Syracuse University grants and scholarships have time limits--four or five years depending on your program of study. 
    • Other types of  aid (Federal Pell, TEACH, SEOG, Work-Study, Direct and Perkins Loans) have a set number of years of student eligibility.
    • Once all degree requirements are met, federal aid eligibility ends.
    • The Financial Aid Office is required to monitor your academic progress as you work toward your degree to determine continued aid eligibility.
    • Read more about renewing aid and academic progress requirements, or speak with your financial aid counselor today.