Financial Giving Updates

Thank you to all who have continued giving to St. Philip's during this time that we are physically apart . We are grateful for your faithfulness! 

Although we are called to refrain from physically gathering at our church for worship, it is important to remember that God continues to call us to be in relationship and to give. We are a church community that needs our financial gifts to support our ongoing ministries and outreach programs.

Through the various giving methods noted below— mail, text-to-give (new), electronic checks, online giving, and PayPal — you have the opportunity to provide consistent financial stewardship to St. Philip’s in several ways even while we cannot be physically present with one another.


  • First, you can continue to offer your financial gifts by mailing your checks to our new PO Box:

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
PO Box 27492
Richmond, Virginia 23261
  • We have secured a PO Box for enhanced security during this time when we are not consistently present at our church building. Please use the new PO Box for mailing ALL financial gifts.


  • We now offer a simple, mobile-friendly way for you to give donations and offerings. Text GIVE to (833) 959-2287 and you will receive an automated text to securely set up your credit card or bank account to make your financial gift to St. Philip's. Once set up, your next gift can be made with a single text!

  • After your text donation has processed, you will receive an automated text confirming the donation was made, along with an automated email receipt that will be sent within approximately 30 minutes. Additionally, you will see the financial gift on the statement for your credit card or bank account.


  • Many of you already send your offering using electronic checks, or online bankingElectronic checks are sent from your bank account to our church. Just like you send electronic payments from your bank to pay bills, you can set up a payment to St. Philip’s as a one-time gift or a recurring offering.


  • Additionally, we use PayPal to receive credit card donations. You can find our PayPal link on our website at GIVE at the top right of the page. Or you can click here to be taken directly to it. 


Please continue to be prayerful as you give and pay your pledge, offering to God that which you have been gifted. Remember your financial gift to our church enables us to continue to offer our wonderful ministries and to serve God
and the community even in the midst of our current situation.


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