The beginning of 2020 has been quite a ride so far. We can't help but wonder what opportunities might lie ahead for investors...

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We See Opportunities For Investors

When fear grips the financial markets, we know it can be hard for some investors to stick to their plan. However, abandoning your investments and going to cash can cost you in the long run. Remember, it's about time in the market, not timing the market.

We're always exploring opportunities and strategies for clients. Here are a few we're looking at right now:

ROTH IRA Conversions*

If future income tax rates go higher, it may make sense to convert your traditional IRA to a ROTH IRA. Converting would allow you to pay taxes at lower rate today (potentially), your earnings would grow tax-free, you could make tax-free withdraws, and there is no Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

Federal Tax-Free Investing with Municipal Bonds**

Tax advantaged municipal bonds offer fixed and generally tax-free income. They are backed by city, county and state governments, and they reliably pay interest and principal with remarkably low risk of default. The interest income is exempt from federal income tax (and sometimes state and city tax!).

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Four things still within your control despite the fluctuating market.
"No one can consistently pick the best or worst days of the year, so this is why it can be so dangerous for investors to miss time in the market by trying to time the market. If you miss one or two big days, compounded over time, this can greatly impact your portfolio."

While You're Staying In(vested)

We will get through this, but it remains tough to see the other side from where we sit today. While you're "social distancing," our team came up with some ideas/recommendations to help pass the time and keep your stress level low.

TVAMP Financial Planning & Investment Management

This may be the time you need a trusted financial professional most. During the most volatile markets, we advise you to "stay the course," and that generally proves to be the best course of action. However, in times like these, we know it's easy to question conventional wisdom.

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