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Take charge of your health to put yourself on the path to wellness. Health and wellness means living life fully with vitality and meaning. Wellness looks different for each individual and evolves as our lifestyles change. 

Our LiveWELL Financial Wellness newsletter  is full of encouraging tips toward financial freedom!
Simple Strategies to Becoming Debt-Free
If one of your goals in the New Year is to take control of your finances and become more financially stable, you're not alone. The average US household owes $16,000 in credit card debt, $50,000 in student loan debt, and $182,000 in mortgages.  Financial burdens can put a strain on relationships and cause  unwanted stress at home and at work, causing productivity  to decrease and stress-related health issues to increase.  Managing your debt and becoming debt-free doesn't have to be a "pie in the sky" dream. It is possible, but it requires a steady plan and vision for how you want to live your life.

First, you should  get a clear picture of your current financial situation . Grab a notebook at the beginning of the month and list everything you spend - from your mortgage or rent to your morning cup of coffee. Once you see how you're spending your money, you'll be able to immediately cut out those random, unnecessary expenses. 
Pro Tip: Know what your current credit score is.

Second, create a simple budget. Try the  50/20/30 guideline.  Fifty percent of your monthly income should be allocated for fixed costs such as rent, utilities, and car payments. Twenty percent of your monthly income should be allocated
to financial goals and investments, such as paying down debt or increasing your savings. The final 30 percent of your monthly income can be allocated for flexible spending. This is the amount of money you have for food, entertainment, gas and hobbies. Remember, you can customize this to
fit your needs. This may mean that the flexible portion of your budget might start out as just 10 or 20 percent of your monthly income.

Third, find ways to  supplement your budget with additional  income . If you have extra time in your day, consider driving for Uber or Lyft or maybe becoming a secret shopper for restaurants and retail spaces. Do some early spring cleaning and sell unused items on eBay or Craigslist. You can also negotiate your interest rates for your various loans, sometimes saving significantly on the amount you owe.
Get Fit for Free!
Being active doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Gym memberships
and group fitness classes are great, but if you're tightening your belt, wehave some great ideas for you to stay active throughout the year for free!

Yoga: There are many free or donation-based yoga classes throughout the year. Lululemon offers free, weekly yoga classes at its various locations in the valley. Check out our local farmer's markets, some offer monthly sessions to
the public-and even better, you can get some of your fresh produce for the week after class!

Running: Running outdoors has many benefits for your body and mind, but more than that-it's free! If you want the motivation of a group to keep logging those miles, various Nike stores have weekly running clubs that are free to attend, as does our locally-owned Sole Sports. You can also find groups on and through Facebook events.

Functional Fitness: If you want to be part of a team and have fun while you work out, you have to check out the November Project PHX. This high-energy group plans twice weekly workouts that are fun and challenging. All ages and fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. The workouts are always free.

Wellness AtoZ Spring Wellness Wonders Challenge: Back for its second season, we have crafted a new list of Wellness Wonders for you to complete. Always free and all-inclusive you can complete these activities with your family,
with your friends, or with your colleagues! If getting out to #DiscoverArizona isn't enough-we make it even better by offering great incentives to completing each of the Wonders activities. Sign up now and set your game-plan. 
The competition starts on April 8th!
What Does Wellness Mean to You?
What Does Wellness Mean To You?
Wellness means living consciously and achieving a healthy balance physically, mentally, and financially.

How long have you been at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum?
I have been at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for 10 years as of this past September

Do you have a wellness goal?
Ultimately, my goal is to find that elusive balance of life and work, focusing on healthy eating and being physically active.

Which challenges do you face in achieving your goal?
I have a difficult time trying to decide which aspect to focus on. I know it is important to schedule time to take care of myself. 

How has your workplace helped you in achieving your goal?
Our group insurance plan includes a wellness benefit that rewards staff for completing things like health surveys, biometric screenings and activity challenges.
It has helped me personally become more conscious of the things I can improve and has given me tools to make change. Wellness AtoZ's monthly newsletters and emails have been very helpful and an easy way to reintroduce the concept of well-being in our workplace. The Fall Wellness Wonders challenge was a fun activity to promote and we succeeded in engaging some of our staff. Wellness AtoZ has been a reliable resource for wellness information and helps us communicate a consistent well-being message within our workplace.
Eating Healthy On A Budget
There is a common myth that eating healthy is expensive. And  while it may be pricier than that $10 family bucket or the $1 menu  at your favorite fast-food restaurant, it is definitely cheaper when  you think of your health and the time and money you'll save on  doctor's visits, prescriptions, and other costs associated with the  ailments of years of an unhealthy diet. 

Choosing healthy options  doesn't have to break the bank. Take these five tips to get the most  bang for your buck when shopping for groceries!
Choose locally sourced, in-season produce.  When you choose local, in-season produce you will get more  for less. The fruits and veggies you purchase will taste better  and can even provide you with more nutrients than when not  in-season. You can take it one step further and plant a garden,  picking your favorite vegetables directly from your own yard!

Go frozen.  Frozen vegetables are healthy! They are flash-frozen at the  peak of their season and packaged for you. You can also buy  produce when it's in season, at its lowest price, and freeze it  yourself. This makes it easy for you to cook healthy meals  on a whim.

Experiment with different cuts of meat.  Boneless, skinless chicken breast is always more expensive  than the bone-in, skin-on version. Test out different recipes  using a different cut or style of meat. It may take more  preparation, but the cost will stay low and you may be able  to afford organic or locally sourced meats.

Stretch your meals by adding beans. I f your leftovers don't seem like enough for an entire full meal- add beans or even quinoa to beef it up.  You'll increase the fiber and protein in the meal and save  money and time!

Meal prep once a week. M eal prepping can sound daunting and exhausting, but if  you start small, it can be very simple. Here's one way to  make it simple: Make a big batch of quinoa or brown rice;  chop and roast a tray or two of veggies; and throw some  chicken in the crockpot to be shredded and added to salads  and meals throughout the week. You'll feel better prepared  for your meals. You'll save time, money and be better able to  avoid poor food choices.
You have two hands - one to help yourself, and one to help others.
Help ease the financial burden of a family in need. Donate household  items, clothes, and even cleaning supplies to one of our amazing  charities in Arizona that are helping families get on their feet. You can  also donate to your favorite 501(C)3 through the  Arizona Charitable Tax Credit campaign . Your donation goes directly to the charity of your  choice and you get that money back, dollar for dollar, when you file  your taxes! It is truly a win-win.

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