Michael Sicurello from Goodwill
How did you end up working with your current program at Goodwill?
In my role as Goodwill’s Employee Assistance and Career Development Specialist, I began developing career and financial education workshop elements for Goodwill employees in 2014. It was clear early on that both topics (careers and money) resonate with people at all socio-economic levels. The (financial) interactive workshop elements that have been developed and refined over a 5 year period can now be presented in 15 minute, hour long or day long format. The current focus is translating the live workshop elements into a blended learning environment that combines one-to-one coaching with Google Classroom assignments that can be completed independently by the learner.
What are your responsibilities with your program?
I am currently the Employee Development Program Manager for Goodwill of Southern Arizona. With direction from our CEO Liz Gulick, I am responsible for continuous improvement of a program that engages our employees from the start. Employee Assistance is provided through direct services and referrals for crisis support, food security, housing, rent and utility assistance, health care and more. Career Development services are personalized to fit each employee’s pathway and are supported by one-to-one coaching, group interactive learning and on-line learning opportunities. The program is organized around these learning and development topics: Digital Skills, Financial Skills, Soft Skills and Career Advancement Skills.