Whenever mortgage rates drop, many homeowners begin contemplating refinancing their home mortgage. But with so many variables, how can a homeowner be sure if refinancing would be beneficial? Click here for items to consider and how to proceed should you decide it makes sense for you.
Cyber Security Tips to Keep You Safe Online

Marine Bank's Pelican Banking Center Manager Tina Nicholson and Information Security Officer Dave Schmidt sat down with CoastalWide's Denise Boehning to provide cyber security tips for keeping your identity and money safe online. Check it out!
Criminals are constantly trying to steal consumersā€™ personal data using fake emails, websites, phone calls, and even text messages. They use a variety of ways to try to trick people into providing Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, and other valuable information. Click here for tips from the FDIC to help you identify and avoid phishing, smishing, vishing, and other scams.
The holiday shopping season is underway. Enticing sales and the ease of online shopping make it easy for shoppers get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season and lose track of their spending budget ā€“ if they had one to begin with. Click here for five habits you should consider to help keep your holiday spending under control and avoid financial frostbite in the New Year.