July 2018
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Savings Strategies for all Generations
July Bank On Graduation

Vacation Planning Guide 
Vacation is a time for taking a break from our routines of life to reconnect with the important things in life, like family and friends while taking time to unwind and get rejuvenated.  Virginia Saves is here to help your family create a vacation to remember!


Money Management 1:
Faith World Ministries
6235 Azalea Garden Rd.
7/12/18 6:30 pm

Portsmouth Department of Social Services 
1701 High St. 
7/16/18 6:30 pm

Virginia Beach Public Library
4100 Virginia Beach Boulevard 
7/18/18 6:00 pm

Mary D. Pretlow Library Anchor Branch
111 W. Ocean View Ave.
7/21/18 10:00 am

Seatack Recreation Center 
141 S. Birdneck Rd. 
7/24/18 6:30 pm

Credit Next Steps:
TCC Portsmouth
120 Campus Dr.
7/9/18 6:30 pm

New Jerusalem COGIC
118 Bishop Thoroughgood Ave
7/14/18 9:30 am

Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Ctr
7300 Newport Ave #100
7/17 /18 6:00 pm

Bow Creek Rec Center
3427 Club House Rd.
7/19/18 6:30 pm

Foodbank of Southeastern VA
800 Tidewater Dr.
7/23/18 6:30 pm

TCC Virginia Beach Joint Use Library
1700 College Cres.
7/26/18 6:00 pm

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September Classes

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Buy a Home!
Is home ownership one of your goals?  

VHDA offers free home ownership classes each month.  Prepare yourself for all the details of the home buying process and understand the risks and rewards of owning your own home.  


Free Online Learning
Take your financial assessment and get a free financial courses customized for your interests and needs.  With LifeCents you can come back again and again to grow your knowledge and skills!
More Information
Credit Score Quiz
How much do you know about credit scores?  Take the credit score quiz to test your knowledge!

Save Your Refund
Launching your savings plan could not be easier than saving your tax refund to win $100!

Saveyourrefund.org offers 100 chances to win $100.  The earlier you file the greater your chances of winning!  All you need to do is split your refund between your savings and checking accounts and enter!  Easy peasy! 

What could you do with an extra $100?  This could be your chance to both saves AND win!

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Bank On Hampton Roads wants to help you take control of your finances. Attend this event to  identify where your money goes, track personal spending, find everyday ways to save and develop a personal plan that will allow you to take control of your dollars.  Workshops will provide steps you can take to create a budget and effectively save your money.   The Declare your Independence workshop will take place on July 19th at Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library from 6pm-9pm.  Register today!   Declare Your Independence

If you are a Bank On participant and need assistance to find a coach or to match a class with your schedule, give us a call!  We are here for you. Send us an email at info@bankonhr.org or Call Lori Irwin at 757-943-9652.


Bank On Twitter: @Bank_on 

Virginia Saves Twitter: @_VASaver_ 
Freeze Your Credit For FREE
Everyday we place our personal information in the hands of companies and trust that they will keep our personal information protected.  We swipe our credit cards and debit cards at retailers, we provide identifying information to establish online accounts with social marketing applications and in placing online purchases.  Our healthcare providers, utilities and communications providers all require personal information to establish accounts.  Bank On encourages citizens to protect their identity, but what happens when the companies we do business with don't protect our information?


How your Organization Can Help with Retirement
Social Security along with America Saves, the American Savings Education Council, and the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement launched the "Campaign for a Secure Retirement: Helping Millions of Americans Plan and Save for Retirement." The campaign is a joint national educational retirement campaign to encourage retirement planning and saving and promote the online Social Security Statement, available through my Social Security, as an important retirement planning tool.

*Article provided by americasaves.org  
Millennials Can Save but They Don't Know How to Invest
Millennials are quickly becoming the largest age group in the workforce as baby boomers retire, but they're  not investing in the future.  The article below has helpful tips on encouraging millennials with saving and investing. 


*Article provided by americasaves.org
Teach Your Kids the Value of Money
Children are constantly exposed to material goods and financial transactions, and without a proper explanation of the basics, they can grow up without a clear understanding of the value of money and how to use it.

*Article provided by smartaboutmoney.org  
New Parents: Plan for Financial Success
As a parent you have many financial responsibilities to balance. Get started with these tips to and save for the future.


*Article provided by smartaboutmoney.org
Art of Debt Management
Free workshop, 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Learn about basic financial planning, building a spending plan, understanding your credit report and options for getting out of debt.

Class hosted by The UpCenter at 222 W. 19th St., Norfolk, VA.  To register or for more information contact Erica Ramjohn at 757-965-8640.
Bank On in Hampton Roads is dedicated to equipping citizens with resources and skills to strengthen their financial condition.  We are here for you.  Give us a call 757-943-9652.

Lori Irwin
Bank On Hampton Roads