Financing Modular Space
Empowers Revenue Growth
Growth is good. To achieve growth, you may need more space for people and equipment.
Paying for new space up front may mean dipping into cash reserves, and that can leave your business vulnerable.
"If you need space, but you also need to conserve capital for daily expenses, financing is a good option," said John Gilmore, CFO at Starrco. "Your new space can be earning revenue, and you've cut the costs into monthly payments."

Benefits of financing
Financing modular offices and enclosures is often less complicated than getting a construction loan because modular is considered equipment.
And, if you can negotiate a good interest rate and low payments, you may find you can afford more space and better options than if you had to pay for it all at once.
See more benefits under the Finance tab on the Starrco website. 
Tax benefits of buying modular offices and enclosures
The IRS regards Starrco modular enclosures as tangible property. Talk to your finance manager about how to depreciate 100 percent of your investment in 2016 under Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Does Starrco offer financing?
Starrco has a strong relationship with Commercial Industrial Finance, an institution that specializes in equipment financing.
Commercial Industrial Finance offers a number of financing options that are not usually available with a bank loan.
  • Fast and easy loan application process. The loan form is just 3-pages. Download the form here.
  • 100 percent financing includes freight and installation costs.
  • Fixed interest rates mean you can forecast your cash requirements.
  • Deferred or seasonal payment terms mean you can plan your payment schedule to reflect your cash flow forecast.
Need to talk about financing? Contact David Morton, 800.995.6604 ext. 114
Want to look at the costs but not ready to speak to a finance specialist yet? Take a look at our payment calculator.  
About Starrco
Starrco has been providing modular office solutions since 1965.  In addition to pre-engineered modular offices, we manufacture clean room wall systems; floor to ceiling interior wall partitions; starrguard safety guard rail systems; and pre-assembled portable offices.