Disney Agrees  to Pay Back Wages to Florida Employees in Department of Labor Settlement ... read here  ( DOL webpage,  -  Variety 3/17/17

"Two divisions of The Walt Disney Co. will pay $3.8 million in back wages to nearly 16,400 Florida resort employees under an agreement with the  Department of Labor.
The DOL's wage and hour division found violations of minimum wage, overtime and record-keeping provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, according to an announcement from the federal department."

This is NOT exactly the kind of Headline you want your company's name to appear in.

But, if it can happen to Disney- a large, well managed, world renowned organization- then it can happen to you!

EMSI  now introduces a new professional resource to help you avoid costly DOL violations and the tremendous distraction and expense that is a DOL Investigation/Audit.

EMSI's Frank Dean is a former DOL Investigator and Enforcement Supervisor that now works on the Management side to quickly identify areas of actual or potential violations at your company.

-------- Frank Dean is the person you want on your side!

Frank's many years of experience with DOL Audit procedures and knowledge of the intricacies of the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) have assisted many companies to avoid the expensive result of even unintentional Wage and Hour violations. 

Across the country the DOL IS ON THE OFFENSIVE !
Working with your HR and Management team, Frank will quickly and efficiently :  
  • Prepare and conduct a complete internal AUDIT to identify problem areas (pay practices, misclassified employees, etc)
  • Train your key Managers to avoid future mistakes in Hiring, Classifying and Managing the Employment relationship.  
  • Work with you to establish new & necessary procedures to comply with the latest DOL changes.
  • Provide real time updates alerting of any immediate "Red Flags"
  • Submit written and oral feedback reports
  • Offer practical and workable suggestions and recommendation
Do You have Government Contracts?  No problem! Frank has extensive experience on the extraordinary complexities of both the Service Contract Act 
and the Davis-Bacon Act.  Not only can he help with compliance issues, but we may also put money in your pocket if you are overlooking or under calculating price adjustment or equitable adjustment opportunities under your government contracts.  
If you are facing an AUDIT
Call or Contact us right away !

Immediately, Frank and the EMSI team will:
  • Represent you in all aspects of the AUDIT
  • Work to reach the best financial resolution for your company
  • Install steps to prevent repeat violations
  • Provide on-going Consulting advice
A brief phone call will answer your questions and get details of your situation to determine what are the best steps for you and for your company
This is too important to put off. All companies  should make this important Preventative Step an essential component of their overall business plan to avoid costly government imposed sanctions. 

It's always smart business to be Preemptive!
Contact us today to schedule an introductory call and get a quote.
We look forward to speaking with you.

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