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Happy Spring! Find out what your favorite authors are up to in our April 2014 E-Lit Books newsletter! We've got loads of information, including tour news and continuing media coverage. We also bring you a special feature on the benefits of digital publishing, with quotes from E-Lit Books authors!
Author Debra Caruso Marrone Prepares for Her Keyonote Address!
Debra will be the keynote speaker at an East Bronx Historical Association's event entitled, "Women in Bronx History." She'll discuss the book and Fordham history, with a focus on notable women of the college and other related topics. The event will be held on April 16th at 7:30pm. For more info, click here
The Art of Being Rebekkah Tour Continues!



  • Look out for another guest post written by Karoline over on Women's Fiction Writers April 3rd!
  • Karoline will headline an author event at the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, CT, on April 27th 10am-3pm.  
  • Watch Karoline on Live to Read's BookTube channel, chatting up TAOBR on April 27th at 6pm CST. Catch it here
  • She'll also be featured at the Bozrah Farmers Market in Connecticut on August 22nd 4-7pm.   
  • You can also catch Karoline at the Newtown Arts Festival in Connecticut September 13-14, from 10am-3pm. She'll be signing copies of TAOBR! Learn more here.  
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E-Lit Books Authors Speak Out!
Want to know what your favorite E-Lit Books authors think about the world of digital publishing? Are you an author who's considering the big leap into the digital realm? Get a better perspective from some of our success stories:

"E-Publishing has allowed books considered 'outside the box' of traditional publishing to have a home and their authors to have a voice. It's widened the playing field in the best possible way."--Tina Moss, co-author of A Touch of Darkness

"It's allowed me to share my novel with a wider audience." Karoline Barrett, author of The Art of Being Rebekkah

"Making the decision to publish in e-book form opened doors for me as a debut author. I love the idea of my words being just a click away for readers."
--Tracy Gardner Beno, author of The Fall of Our Secrets

"Digital publishing has offered me an above average set of options competitive with today's publishing landscape."--Arthur Doweyko, author of Algorithm: A Novel 

"E-Publishing has opened up a whole new world to authors and readers alike, and made it possible for more wonderful novels to see the light of day and be appreciated."--Yelena Casale, co-author of A Touch of Darkness

"The demand for e-books translates to opportunity for authors. E-books are also wonderfully portable and affordable. Once a reader is recommended a great book, in seconds they own that book. It's instant gratification." W.A. Tyson, author of The Seduction of Miriam Cross
Meet Yelena Casale and Tina Moss in Person!

  • Tina and Yelena will discuss ATOD on Live to Read's BookTube channel on April 6th at 6pm CST! Tune in here.     
  • Yelena and Tina will attend the RT Booklovers Convention this year! The author duo will meet and greet fans and host giveaways on May 14th at 4pm in Club RT. The full event will be held in New Orleans May 13-18. For more info, click here.   
More Coverage on
The Seduction of Miriam Cross
by W.A. Tyson!

  • Check out TSOMC on the Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour already in progress! Click here for more info.   
  • Mrs. Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews featured an intriguing excerpt from the book. Read it here
  • What are 10 things readers should know about TSOMC? Find out via Little Miss Drama Queen
  • Nana Prah also featured an excerpt on her blog.  
  • W.A. will headline three panels at the Malice Domestic Convention--an event for mystery fans! It will be held May 2-4 in Bethesda, MD. Details here.   
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