How to Find Someone's Social Media Accounts by Email Address Free

Nowadays, almost everyone has their email account or address. Whether it's for personal or for business use, an email account is indispensable. Email accounts are essential when setting up accounts, including a social media account, a bank account, and other online services. Many people are hesitant to change an email account they have been using for a long time, so it's safe to say that a person's email account is one of his or her most treasured personal information.

Sometimes there comes a situation when you're constrained to find social media accounts by using an email account, or you're just curious, and you want to snoop around. Is it possible? The answer is yes! It's called a reverse email lookup, and there are some tools available for you to do this.

Probably, your next question is, how does a reverse lookup work. You might find it interesting that there are data that are made public by social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This is because some social media network users often don't check their privacy settings or permission settings. As a result, some personal information is made public and is searchable and visible to those who have the knowledge and expertise to look.

As mentioned earlier, there are tools available to search this public information and filtered it down to categories such as pictures, name, gender, age, and other details entered when a person registered to a particular social media platform. Concerning the legality of a reverse email lookup, these searches are legal as long as the information gathered was public or part of a public database.
Find Social Media Profiles by Email
Services to Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address Free

There a few problems in performing a reverse lookup, including the proliferation of fake and fraudulent social media accounts that can ruin public databases. Thus, any reverse email lookup would result in inaccurate results. Now for the tools online that you can use to perform good results:


This tool doesn't have its database but works like a search engine like Google. It finds social media accounts using email free of charge. However, this tool might not always give you the same social media profile you are looking for since it doesn't have its database, but it's still worth a helpful tool.


Perhaps you've heard about Pipl, a fantastic tool for searching accounts in various social media using email and other information. Just by using an email address, username, or the name of an individual, you can expect to have definite results. This tool claims to have already provided six billion results for using an email alone for its searches. You can find not only social media accounts but also a person's email address or contact number. Pipl is not free, though. You have to pay a fee to conduct a certain number of searches.


Another platform called Spokeo can search social media accounts by using an email address. Even a person's name, address, phone number, and email address can be searched by this tool, although you have to pay for its services. It seems people who make professional searches or just serious searches prefer Spokeo. According to its website, Spokeo uses people's intelligence to help you search and be familiar with what you are presented with. Its expertise includes finding old friends, finding out the identity of secret callers, and research the background of the person you are going out with. Amazing.
How to Find All Social Media Profiles by Email Address Free

You can try any of the three tools mentioned or try performing a direct search method. This can be done using the search bar on the social media website since all of these websites have their search bars used to look for people, interests, or pages. You can try to enter the person's email address on the search bar, and you could more likely find his or her social media account. You can try this search method on different social media accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

Many people search engines out there, and some of them let you search for social networking accounts by email address. You need to ask yourself before using or installing such extensions to locate social networking accounts by email address effectively. Social networking accounts are the personal identity of the people on the internet. Most of the email addresses you see on various websites belong to a person who owns the email and uses that to communicate with other people. If you can get access to this email account, you can get the person's personal information, and it will surely be of great use to you in the future.

When you have access to an individual's social network, it will help you track down the person's profile and contact details and enable you to keep a tab on his/her activities. Moreover, social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., are also a great help in finding social networking accounts. Search engines can help you get access to various individuals' profiles by using social networking sites. You can search such social networking websites as per your preferences. Some social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook allow you to find various social network sites by email address, while others, such as Twitter, allow you to search by keywords.

These people's search engines are indeed the best way to get a hold of any user of these social sites. If you want to have more details about the person or the company associated with the social networking account, you can look for the individual's profile. Usually, you will find that many of the profiles will contain personal information and all the contact details associated with the person, including his/ her email id and social networking accounts. However, it would not be easy to pinpoint the person through these social network accounts unless you look for the social network accounts by email.
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