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March 2016

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine Celebrates Centennial Year!

KSUCPM is proud to be celebrating 100 years of Podiatric Medical Education. Alumni speak proudly as they reminisce on their experience, paying close attention to how far the profession has come over the years. In the words of Dean Allan Boike, DPM, "I hope the next hundred years holds just as much growth as progress as the first one hundred years."

KSUCPM: Celebrating 100 Years
KSUCPM: Celebrating 100 Years

Congratulations to the KSUCPM ACFAS Student Club!

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons is an organization which provides opportunities for students to gain more information and exposure to the aspect of surgery. Founded in 1972, this professional society seeks to address the various concerns of foot and ankle surgeons, all the while improving standards of education and ensuring formidable patient care. This year, five of our students presented their research poster, titled "Does Implantation of Verruca Plantaris into Abductor Hallucis Muscle Belly Prevent Recurrence" and were rewarded 2nd place at the student club research poster competition held in Austin, Texas!

Poster authored by CPM Students: Emily Zulauf, Kevin Alexander, 
Victoria Fratzak, Lynette Meece, and Hannan Sahli

To learn more about the different posters presented during this year's ACFAS conference, please visit their website!

APMSA's Annual Basketball Tournament

Designed by our very own 
Cindel Harris, MS-II.
Elite athletes know that you can't function optimally or even consider winning games if you're not prepared both mentally and physically. In addition to the long and demanding schedule, they must make a conscientious decision to maintain a positive, willing, and winning mindset. Similar to what life often has to offer, certain plays or decisions will not always work; and as a result, you are forced to adjust, and then adjust some more. That same mentality is what the members of KSUCPM's basketball team had on February 24th, as they took on the victory during APMSA's Annual Basketball Tournament.

KSUCPM welcomed basketball teams from other podiatry schools, including Midwestern University, Samuel Merritt University, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, and Western University of Health Sciences.

We would like to say that they are comparable to some of the greats, such as Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, or even Magic Johnson, but in all sense of modesty, we are very proud of their accomplishments!

To learn more about the various clubs and organizations on our campus, simply visit our website!

Student Profile - Sheryse Mobley

Hometown: Fort Hood, Texas         
Undergraduate college: Texas Tech University! Go Red Raiders!
Current year at KSUCPM: 1st Year
Have you begun to prepare for Boards yet?  If so, what are you doing in terms of preparation?  Any advice?
I have not started to prepare for boards, but I have been trying to take very good notes and supplemental materials so that when I do start preparing, I'll be in a good position to do so.
What is your favorite class at KSUCPM and why?
  I would have to say that Microbiology with Dr. Wright is my favorite class. Dr. Wright is very entertaining and is always finding a way to help make learning more exciting. I have always loved working in the laboratory and learning about various microorganisms and pathogens.
How do you strike a balance between class work, studying, and social activities?  Any suggestions for prospective students on building/maintaining a balance?
Finding a balance between all pillars of life can be very challenging. For myself, I always try and write out my schedule at the beginning of the week and try and stick to it as much as I can. I also try and schedule periodic breaks such as running or watching a good television show, and of course sleeping! Being involved in social activities I think are great stress relievers.
I would tell the future students to learn how to prioritize tasks throughout the week so that if there is an event that you would like to attend or if you'd like to take a day off, you can afford to do so.
Do you have any ideas as to where you'd like to specialize (residency and beyond)?
There are so many specialties in podiatry, but I am very interested in wound care or diabetic limb salvage. As to where I'd like to attend residency, I am keeping an open mind but I am very interested in the programs here in Ohio and some on the East coast.

What advice do you have for anyone considering podiatry school?
Congratulations! You have made a great decision because this is the best career field to go into! To ensure that this is the right career field for you, make sure that you shadow a Podiatric Physician and complete all of the pre-requisites and the application early.
What are some activities you are involved in at KSUCPM?
I am involved in various clubs on campus. One of the clubs that I am involved in is OPMSA, where I am the Director of Clinical Affairs Elect. I look forward to this upcoming school year where I will be coordinating all clinical events for students such as their required instruments and scrubs for clinic and externships and also help coordinating the Clinical Symposium with AAWP. OPMSA is an organization where we as members get a chance to interact with all campus organizations and those in the community.
What do you enjoy most about KSUCPM?
I really enjoy the support and comradery among the students, staff, and professors. 
Why did you choose to attend KSUCPM?
When I came for my interview, all of the students and staff were all very encouraging and all had great things to say about this institution. I felt a sense of being right at "home" and all of the phenomenal resources that are available here, made me want to come here even more.
As a first-year student, what are some of the challenges you faced (if any) while transitioning into medical school?
A challenge that everyone faces when entering into medical school is learning how to balance the 1st year class load. However, the biggest challenge I think I faced and overcame was the fact that I am surrounded by a plethora of students that are very smart and talented. I felt a lot of confidence in my undergraduate studies, and to be put into an institution with other extraordinary students from all over the country, it shook my confidence a little bit. My classmates are driven, intelligent, and passionate, and I had to realize on my own that I deserve to be here too.  

Why do you like about being a KSUCPM Student?
Everything! I like the academic tutoring services that are available and the tutors that are so personable and are willing to help us first years in any way possible. I like the food in the cafeteria, especially the eggplant parmesan. I like the organizations and all the students, staff and professors.
What advice would you offer to any prospective students wishing to attend KSUCPM who are in the current application process?
You have already completed most of the hard work which is making it to graduating from your undergraduate students and applying to medical school. Be patient and make the best out of every situation. Never give up on your goals and dreams. Try to be yourself during your interview, and remember those of have helped you along the way to help to get you to where you are today.
What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?
There are so many fun things to do here in Cleveland! I enjoy the West Side Market Downtown, where I can buy all my fresh vegetables, meats and seafood! I enjoyed going to see the Cleveland Cavaliers play. But I would have to say my favorite thing about Cleveland is going fishing and hiking at the Cleveland Metro parks !

Get your Feet Wet in Cleveland!

Until April 24, think big when the Cleveland Botanical Garden hosts "Big Spring," featuring the Ladybug Labyrinth hedge maze, the Mad Hatter Tea Part and more. 

Slide, swing, and scream at the I-X Amusement Park, March 25-April 17.

Travel the world from your theater seat at the 40th Cleveland International Film Festival  , March 30-April 10 at Tower City Cinemas.

Take a sky-walk when Holden Arboretum reopens the Murch Canopy Walk, a 500-foot walkway 65 feet above t he forest floor, April 1 - November 1.

Join Cleveland native Rajiv Joseph for his Cleveland Play House premiere, "Mr. Wolf," April 2-14 at the Outcalt Theatre.  

The Cleveland Indians will take on the Boston Red Sox on April 4, at the Progressive Field.  

Have a "Beautiful" night with the Carole King musical, April 5-17 at the Connor Palace at Playhouse Square.

Pay tribute to the Class of 2016 when the Rock Hall opens its inductee exhibit April 6.

See Cleveland from above on the Terminal Tower observation deck.

Show your love for Mother Earth at Earthfest, April 17 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds.

Add some sugar to your weekend at the 87th annual Geauga County Maple Festival, April 22-24 in Chardon Square.

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