Volume 32  | August 2017
Oakland worship night hands raised
Find Your Joy In God

A few years back, I decided it was time to act. I was in seminary, daily hearing the call to go and take the gospel to the cities and the nations, and I finally decided it was time. I began making contacts in a city I felt God was leading me to, and my wife and I made a couple of trips out there to try to picture life and ministry in this great city. We met with pastors and even went through interviews with local churches. I was fervently running hard after the mission of God, chasing the dream of building his kingdom among the unreached.

And the whole time I was growing colder in my relationship with Christ and my family.

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Small Group Leader Survey

Chad Keener, a friend and fellow small group leader at Two Rivers Church, is studying small group leaders for his thesis and asked if we would help him out by completing a survey. He is looking at how interaction with mentors might translate to the life of a small group. Our responses will be helpful for his research, and it may also provide useful insights for us.

Chad originally connected with North Way through his roommate at Grove City College. He lived in Pittsburgh for many years and has several friends that attend our church. 

The  survey will take you 20-30 minutes. You don't have to complete it all in one sitting. 
Save the Date!
Save the date for the events below, both for you and for your small group members:
  • August 6-20: "This Is Us" Teaching Series
  • August 27: Family Weekend
  • September 4: Labor Day
  • September 10: Small Group Connect!
  • September 17: YOU Belong: Membership at North Way