September 25, 2018

So much angst in our society today! I encourage everyone to find a space or an environment where you can find refuge from the cultural storms that swirl around us. Or it may be a practice or physical activity that keeps you in a safe mental/emotional place. Staying centered amidst the chaos is sometimes the most we can do to affect change and to keep ourselves sane and healthy. Stay calm, storms always pass.

Lynn LaFroth, editor

Oct 6-7: The Natural Healing & Psychic Expo
"A Journey into the Paranormal." Best Western Hotel (Norwood Inn) in N. Mankato, MN. This is the Premier Expo in the Mankato, MN Area providing you with back to back metaphysical & spiritual seminars, workshops, and gallery events along with energy healers, plus over 40 exhibitors offering crystals, stones, natural beauty and nutritional products, organic skin care, jewelry, essential oils, crystals, music & books, intuitive & psychic mediums, aura photos, sound healing and more!
Oct 6 & 7: Jurema Silva - Brazilian Soul Healer - Inspirational Speaker
Two must-see speaking engagements on one weekend. Saturday Oct 6: 1 pm- "Tools of Protection & Cleansing." Soul Seekers Fall Festival at A Beautiful Soul, Rochester, MN, for advance tickets Sunday Oct 7: 12 pm-"Angels and Demons - How to Connect with the Authentic Light Source" at the Natural Healing Expo, Mankato, MN  advance tickets: 
Thursdays Oct 4-Nov 15: Immersive 7 Week Chakra Workshop 6:30-8:30 pm
Are you...Interested in discovering your personal truth, how to become empowered, and hold boundaries? Feeling the chaos of the world and looking for grounding and calm? Looking to find more passion in your relationships? This immersive journey will include supportive experiences for each chakra such as guided meditation and nourishing foods. Each week we study a specific chakra, how it works, and how to restore energy. $199/person. Sign up: or
cmk energy
Oct 12: Group Stargate Healing Sessions
Two sessions: 4-5:15 pm and 5:30-6:45 pm. 24 Silica Crystal Orbs infused with Consciousness, in a multi-dimensional Merkabah. This sacred technology can accelerate Spiritual Growth and expansion of Consciousness. Sitting around the Merkabah as part of an intimate group meditation; the Stargate can help achieve new levels of peace, karmic resolution, and healing in an effortless, gentle manner.  Anything released during a session goes back into pure energy with no residue/debris left behind. Sessions (6 people max; 3 people min). $90/person. Register: or
Nov 3-4: Minneapolis Holistic Expo
Presented by Body Mind Spirit Expo & Edge Life Expo. Earle Brown Heritage Center, Brooklyn Center. Saturday 10 - 6, Sunday 10 - 5. Tickets: $12 covers 2 day admission to exhibit hall & workshops. Visit with 85 exhibitors offering holistic healing therapies, intuitive readings, aura photos, wellness products, stones/crystals, jewelry, spiritual resources & more! To exhibit contact Dee,, 715-259-3047. FFI:


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EDITOR: Lynn LaFroth