October 19, 2018  

Wow I can't believe I have been on staff for five months already! Time is really flying. I'm an optimist, and because of that I have a desire to work with locals with low membership levels.  In conversations with a lot of leadership I have found they have gotten so caught up in the act of putting out fires that they haven't had a chance to think about goals for their association. It's hard for people to want to be a part of something that they can't clearly see the vision of.  In these locals with very low membership, people feel like they've already exhausted all their possibilities, like they've tried everything already. In areas where people feel like this, we are throwing out a wide net in the hopes of catching a small spark.  Does this feel like your local? Let's talk about it.

In Solidarity,
Kristin Lytie

Professional Development

WEAC Region 3
Professional Development Conference
Saturday, January 26, 2019
WR3 Office, Green Bay

We're planning a party and want you to join us! This FREE FOR MEMBERS conference will have sessions geared toward all of our members - ESP and teachers - on topics of wide interest for all.

Let us know what kinds of topics you are interested in: region3@weac.org

Let us know what session YOU would like to present by filling out this form. We are offering $200 stipends to members who present at our Region 3 conference!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and stay tuned for more information!

What's Your Best Story?

Political Action
This is an 11.0101(10)(b)(1) communication with WEAC members

WEAC Region 3 staffer Kristen Lytie, left, joined Kelda Roys, Amanda Stuck and Barbara Lawton at a Green Bay election event for Tony Evers.

If you want MORE political action, be sure to follow the Region 3 PAC Facebook Page by clicking on the image below.
This is where you will find all election information including recommended candidates and volunteer opportunities:


Live Webinars Scheduled for November

ETF is offering a series of live, interactive webinars designed to increase your understanding of Wisconsin Retirement System benefits. Individuals can also ask questions at the end of these sessions. Visit their webinar page to learn more.

Schedule It!

Click HERE to see our Region 3 Calendar. It includes WEAC and Region 3 governance meetings, Professional Development events, and many other workshops, meetings, and events sponsored by our office.
  • WEA Member Benefits Financial Planner, the third Thursday of every month @ WEAC Region 3. To make an appointment contact: Brenda Echeverria 800-279-4030, ext. 3300.
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