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A Quiet Song

We celebrate the birthday of our co-foundress, Blessed Mary 
on February 19, 1833.
When one stands 
on a mountain height 
and scans 
the beauty all about - 
the wondrous  sight 
of your splendor, O God, 
must needs compel 
the soul to cry out: 
"You have done all things well!" 

When day is turning 
to evening and one rests in its peace 
and quietly reviews 
the day's journeying 
with its rich release 
of work - the stillness renews 
the spirit and stirs it joyfully to say: 
"Truly, you experienced a beautiful day!"
Ministry to women takes new turn

Salvatorian Sister Sheila Novak will stay focused on the needs of women in her new ministry as executive director of Wellspring Women's Center. She embraces this new opportunity as Wellspring celebrates 30 years serving the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, Calif.

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Pray for Love

Throughout the month of February, we open our hearts in an act of love to hold your special intentions in prayer. Give thanks for the abundance of love in your life, or ask God to bless your life with beauty and goodness where love can be found.

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