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Hello Everyone!

In addition to my weekly PGG newsletter, this email highlights other ways I can help you gain clarity, balance and direction in work and life.

Thanks to those who joined the inaugural CONNECTING WITH KRISTINA online gathering July 19th. It was exactly as I had hoped - everyone shared in such an authentic, vulnerable way that was meaningful, real and so helpful to one another. Click here for some of my musings during the session where the topic was CROSSROADS.

With everything going on in the world the past couple years and the direction things seems to be headed, JOY is the last thing we hear about or expect these days - which is why we must make a conscious effort to cultivate it! Let's focus our energy and attention on this state of being and explore how we can help each other experience more of it on Wednesday, August 17th at 7pmET via Zoom. Scroll down for more info and registration.

And August is my coaching anniversary which means big savings for you! This month marks 15 years that I've been coaching professionally .. So to celebrate I'm offering a limited number of phone sessions at just $150 as well as a 15% discount on any service with coupon code KL15. Scroll down for more info and to purchase your session by 8/31/22.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or there is anything you'd like to see me offer at this time - I'm open to all suggestions. Hope to see you soon!

Big hug <3
Upcoming Talks
I'll be offering several workshops & talks via Zoom but you can always watch
 full-length past talks and other clips on my YouTube Channel
Monthly topic with group chat, support and Q & A
Connect with like-minded folks on a personal growth & career journey
This month's topic:
Wednesday, August 17th 7pm-8:30pmET*
Online via Zoom

Looking to connect with others as you navigate your career and life with meaning, purpose and a holistic approach?

We are living in extraordinary, transformative times where our inner strength and adaptability have been put to the test over the past few years. And it seems the instability, uncertainty and topsy-turvy events will only continue in the foreseeable future.

The good news is that we can accept these big waves of challenge and change as gifts to help accelerate our individual and collective evolution and become more aligned with who we are.

You don't have to go through it alone.

Join personal growth expert and holistic career coach Kristina Leonardi for this monthly online gathering where she will facilitate a group discussion and offer perspectives, tips, and tools to help make this time the most productive, positive and healing it can be.

This month we'll be discussing:

  • What does joy mean to you and what brings you joy? 
  • How often do you experience joy?
  • What do you think prevents you from feeling more joy in your life? 
  • How your embodiment of joy can help others

This is a great opportunity to gather with like-minded folks to share your experience, learn best practices, and enjoy the connections and support you might be missing to navigate the bumpy road and ride the wondrous waves ahead.

Wednesday, August 17th
7pm- 8:30pmET*
To register send *$27 via PayPal (click here) or Venmo to @clearlykristina
The Zoom link will be sent by 4pmET that day to everyone who has registered (but you can register up until 6:30pmET).
Please note: A partial fee will be accepted for those who need it.
Looking for one-on-one support?

On a tight budget but would love some coaching?

Worked with me before and just need a check-in?

Not sure what you need but want to try something without putting a big dent in your wallet?


August 17th marks my 15th(!) Anniversary as a professional coach which means it's your chance to work with me at a super-reduced rate!

I only offer this to my mailing list and limit the slots to the anniversary year, so be sure take advantage of this opportunity to find the clarity, balance and direction you need right now.

I just wanted to thank you again for being such an amazing support back in the dark days of me having no idea how to get where I wanted to get! You are incredible at what you do :) ~ Sascha Y.

One Hour 15th Anniversary Special Phone Session
**Only 15 slots available so grab yours today! **
* * * Must be booked/paid for by 8/31 and scheduled no later than 9/15 * * *


If you're looking for some compassionate candor and a dose of tough love, Kristina is the coach for you.... I came into this really lacking clarity and walked away with a sense of relief. Can't recommend her enough. ~ Kevin R.

If you've heard about affirmations but never knew what they were or how to create or use them, this potent little book is just the tool you need!

This colorful guide’s straightforward, actionable advice and 30 bold affirmations can help you to shift your mindset and feel better about yourself no matter who you are or what your circumstances.

Keep this handy, pocket-size book at your bedside or in your backpack so you’re never far from information about:

  • What affirmations are and why they are important
  • How and when to use affirmations so they are most effective
  • 10 ways to use the specific affirmations in the book.

Use as part of a daily routine or while on the go to strengthen your connection to yourself and maintain a positive, uplifting outlook on who you are and what you can accomplish in every area of your life!

I LOVE this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a little boost of positivity in their lives. ~ Margaret H.

Learn more at: www.sayittomakeit.com
See posts at: #sayittomakeit


If you're looking for some compassionate candor and a dose of tough love, Kristina is the coach for you.... I came into this really lacking clarity and walked away with a sense of relief. Can't recommend her enough.
~ Kevin R.

Here's a 2+ minute clip from a recent CONNECTING WITH KRISTINA

Life is always giving us the opportunity to be productive even if it's not what we think or society tells us is "productive." It's all part of the process and changing your perspective can help you feel less stuck and stagnant.

Remember you can watch past talks and other clips on my

Staying Motivated Throughout the Job Search: How Losing Your Job is a Good Thing

Who Are You & What Are You Supposed to Be Doing with Your Life?

Stepping Stones for Success - Dec.

Authentic Branding: Letting the Real You Shine in Any Situation - June 2019

Staying Motivated Throughout the Job Search Process - May 2019

Looking for a shorter clip?

Watch 1- 6 minute clips on my YouTube
channel and subscribe to get notified when new ones are uploaded!

She helped frame a discussion and subsequent workshop that were enormously insightful and left us all feeling energized and more closely bonded. I highly recommend Kristina's services to any individual or team looking to feel more connected to their work, themselves or one another! ~ Damon O'Donnell, LMVH


Looking for one - on - one support?
Kristina is more than a career coach - she's incredibly intuitive and can really help you realign your life. ~ Megan S.

As a result of working with Kristina, I now have the tools, motivation and perspective to create my dream career and life. Because of her insights and expertise, I am the happiest and most content I've ever been and found an incredible peace of mind. ~ Alyssa C. 
Your insights have had a huge impact on my career and my self-confidence and planted this seed of truth in me that I knew I had to start tending to. I share this story here. I just wanted to say thank you for your advice and I'm glad we crossed paths. ~ Anna W.

Kristina gave me permission to be myself! I can say no other person has empowered me in that way as much as she has - and I am TRULY forever grateful for that." ~ Cherise R.

Kristina’s coaching expertise is phenomenal — all-encompassing, inclusive of the mind, body & spirit, nonjudgmental, insightful and deeply involved in providing solutions and tools to be a better version of yourself." ~ Audrey N.

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If you're a fan of my weekly PGG emails and know someone else who would benefit from them as well, did you know you can have 131 of these essays compiled into a beautifully designed book? Keep it by your bedside as a quick read before going to sleep or use when you wake up as part of your morning meditation or whenever you need a little thought-provoking guidance. Check out this video from a reader who shows how he uses it.

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