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Raise a glass to the bubbles protecting Lake Tahoe from aquatic invasive plants
As the League to Save Lake Tahoe rings in 2019, we are gaining a greater sense of appreciation for tiny bubbles. Turns out tiny bubbles are good for more than just celebratory champagne, they can also provide a strong defense against the spread of aquatic invasive plants that threaten Lake Tahoe's clarity.

The League, in collaboration with experts from Canada and the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association, installed a "v-shaped" wall of tiny bubbles across the channel between the Tahoe Keys lagoons and Lake Tahoe. The tiny bubbles dislodge plant fragments from boats passing through the "bubble curtain" and move them to the edges of the channel where they can easily be collected and removed. We will raise our glass of bubbly to that!

Our hope is that this "bubble curtain" will prove effective and serve as a solution that we can implement at other infested marinas around Lake Tahoe while we continue to look for other long-term solutions.
Squeezing more lake-friendly rides into the year with Lime bikes and scooters
In 2017, the League rolled out an innovative bike-share program to make it easier to enjoy Tahoe without a car. In its first year, the program got thousands of people out of traffic and onto Lime bikes.

The program was such a success that in 2018 we expanded upon it by introducing Lime electric scooters to South Lake Tahoe. Now, the stats are in and we can see a clear story emerging. Making smart transit solutions available in and around our Lake results in big wins for our congested roadways, the environment and Lake Tahoe.

By the numbers:
  • 225,998 trips 
  • 71,546 riders
  • 260,710 miles
  • 1 Lake Tahoe

In just one year, with each riders help, we were able to remove over 200,000 car miles and the associated pollution from Tahoe's clogged roadways helping to Keep Tahoe Blue. We look forward to expanding on this successful program in 2019.
Lake Tahoe news
Appellate court partially affirms lower court’s ruling on ‘Loop Road’ lawsuit
December 5, Tahoe Daily Tribune
An appellate court has issued a decision on an attempt to salvage a 2016 ballot measure that would have required voter approval prior to any city support of the so-called "Loop Road" project .
Vail Resorts announces wind energy deal, plan to eliminate single-use plastics
December 3, Sierra Sun
Earlier this month, Vail Resorts, Inc., announced a long-term wind energy contract with Lincoln Clean Energy to purchase the equivalent amount of energy needed to power 100 percent of its North American operations .
New long sleeve tees from RISE Designs
Check out our new Four Seasons Long Sleeve Tee! This unique design is hand drawn and printed in South Lake Tahoe by  RISE Designs  a nd is part of our effort to offer sustainable merchandise that supports work to Keep Tahoe Blue. The four seasons featured on the front reminds us of the year round beauty and adventure Lake Tahoe offers and our obligation to protect it. Visit our online store today!
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