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This week's letter from DebW
General Manager and Voice of Philadelphia
Dear Weight Watchers Philadelphia Members,

I'm so excited that we can be in person again! We can enjoy all the good things Meetings have to offer... in addition to being able to see each other and re-up our friendships ... share where we are in our journeys ... and get motivated by each other again!

This week I put our Newsletter Team to a test! I asked them to tell me what they liked about Meetings so much that they would physically move out of their comfort zone of home and go to a Studio. Keep in mind, that everyone who works on the Newsletter is a Member.

WW developed ways to make Weight Watchers work for you Virtually (through zoom Meetings) and the App, as support ... but not like the support you get from "real people" in a Weight Watchers Meeting. Nor was it designed to take the place of the live and in-person Meetings upon which Jean Nidetch founded the real Weight Watchers.

So, based on that preliminary chat, the team came back with some pretty good points.

  1. "I go to my Meeting every Saturday morning so I have a fresh start on the week and can use my Points as I want on the weekend! Seems like my own personal cheat that works great for me!"
  2. "I use the App to support my weekly Meeting: not the other way around. I found that was the best way to help me take off the weight and reach Lifetime," was Mary's point. "Although I use the App daily, scanning barcodes at the grocery store to get PersonalPoints values, and track my daily food intake, activity, exercise, mindful time, and sleep patterns, nothing replaces the Meeting to help me stay at goal your goals!"
  3. "I attended with a friend at night. Never missed a week. Lost 35 pounds and reached my Goal! It gave me a place to go knowing I'd see other friends ... and prove to myself and to the others I could do this ... and they could, too." Donna went on to say, "the ideas in the Meetings are really helpful and I loved my Coach--a real dynamo filled with inspiration!"
  4. "Simple!" our designer said, "I like to be held accountable. So I knew if a Coach or Guide was going to weigh me in, and that weight was going to be tracked where I could see it, I knew I wanted that number to go down!. Whether it did or didn't, still meant --and still means, together works. They cheer me on whether I gain or lose."
  5. Darrell, our copywriter, says "I like the interaction. It's really my inspiration to keep going ... keep losing, get to goal and have a happy life."

Three fast facts: In this week's In-person meetings: Choose Your Cue!

1. The more often a behavior is repeated after the same cue, the more likely it will become a habit. If you currently are attending your meetings, you know they're habit forming! The more you attend, the more you plan for that day and time and know it's all yours. You deserve 40 minutes a week for yourself, don't you think?

2. Simple and specific behaviors are more likely to turn into a habit—and do so more quickly—than complex behaviors. For example, joining Weight Watchers to lose 50 pounds sounds, well, complex! But joining to lose 1-2 pounds a week is a simple and specific goal. The months are going to come anyway-- voila 50 pounds gone and you're at goal! You will eat the foods you love (really when we say no food's a no-no, we mean it), make friends at meetings, and change your life.

3. The most effective cues are ones that we come into contact with frequently and in the same context. Your Weight Watchers meeting happens weekly, same time, same place, same friends!

Effective? You bet ... Weight Watchers has been chosen as the #1 best weight loss plan in the country for 12 consecutive years. Know why? It works!!

Let's end on this note: Did you know it's proven! Studies have shown losing weight with a group results in 8.8 times more weight loss than going it alone. Moreover, members with the highest attendance were 15.5 times more likely to lose weight compared to those with low meeting attendance.

Give yourself the best chance to lose weight, and feel terrific about your accomplishment as you move on to your best life!

Have a Wonderful Week
General Manager
Voice of Philadelphia
P.S. Let's take a moment to remember and honor those brave soldiers who fought for our freedom.
Weight Watchers of Philadelphia
was the first franchise in the world

The Original Weight Watchers program founded in the '60s by Jean Nidetch was a strict and controlled diet. Today we don't even use the word! But we continue the tradition of real people together. Jean started in her kitchen with friends, then to church basements with friends. One of whom was Marilyn Birnhak who founded Weight Watchers of Philadelphia. Maybe that's why we feel so strongly about the significance of Meetings. That kitchen group expanded to thousands of groups around the country--around the world! And we are proud to continue the tradition of Group Motivation.

When we founded 'Philadelphia', the program was based on meeting at least once a week, and today, we still do ... meet in person (meetings are unlimited). That's where we get motivated by each other, laugh, learn, share (or not 🤭), and talk about the most updated info on food, fitness, mindfulness, and sleep!

Real people together as Weight Watchers was meant to be!

(Pictured: Circa1964; Robert Birnhak, Jean Nidetch, Marilyn Birnhak)
There's nothing more effective than being there!
*Studies have shown
losing weight with a group results in
8.8X more weight loss
than those who try
and lose weight on their own.
Members with the highest attendance were
15.5X more likely to lose weight
compared to those
with low meeting attendance.

Nothing is more effective than all of us together!

Bottom line?
Get Your Bottom in the Seat ...

At a WW Weight Watchers of Philadelphia Meeting Near You!

Food. Activity. Sleep. Mindset.
The 4 Pillars

WW supports members in a holistic approach to weight loss through food, activity, mindset, and sleep. These four areas impact both weight and health and have benefits on and off the scale. 
Food specifically a healthy pattern of eating, is at the core of your journey, helping you reach your weight goals and supporting whole-body wellness, including heart, bone, and brain health. 
Activity increases the quality of your life and is among the most important things you can do for your health. It not only increases your fitness and physical function, but it also decreases your risk for certain chronic diseases and improves your overall well-being (specifically your mood and sleep). Plus it helps you lose 20% more weight than focusing on food changes alone, and is the single biggest predictor of who keeps weight off long term. 
Mindset (how you think) drives the things that you do. Increasing awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and how you think about yourself and your journey, helps you set realistic goals and handle the inevitable ups and the downs this journey brings. What's in your head is as important as what's on your plate.
Sleep plays a critical role in weight loss and is fundamental to wellness. Science tells us that when you get healthy sleep, it’s easier to eat well, move regularly, and have a helpful mindset. What’s more, you’ll feel better, have improved immune function, think more clearly, and your mood will improve.
Food: With our tips, you'll be creating healthy habits!
Activity: How successful people build habits!
Mindset: How to build habits that will actually stick!
Sleep: An A+ plan for better sleep habits!
Recipes for your Memorial Day Celebration
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