Volume 08 | July 29 2019
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Summer is great for spending time with family, and for travel, so Starship has been busy doing both. We have also been planning many upcoming trips for 2020 and preparing for our trip to South Africa this fall. Follow us on Facebook or join our groups for more details!
Family trip to Disneyworld!
In mid-July, Karen and Linda were lucky enough to take a family trip to Disneyworld. It was a first-time visit for several family members, and they adored showing everyone around the parks. They even took a day to relax by the pool, and swim with the llttle one. It was a blast meeting all the characters and exploring the park!
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Check out our new blog post all about Disney Springs in Disneyworld! Learn the ins and outs, and read about the must-do things while there.

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Recently, Starship Travel has been building many come-along group trips for 2020. We are going to...
-The 'I's': Iceland and Ireland
-Irish Castles and Celtic Culture
-Journey through the Clouds (Vancouver)
-Eclectic Aegean (Greece and Turkey)
-Food and Wine: Athens and Santorini
-Great Parks of the Southwest
-Fall Colors: Scenic Trains and Martha's Vineyard
-Greek Island Cruise
-Great Lakes and Trains

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Training Events

As we are always striving to improve, Starship Travel recently went to two training events. We went to the Palm Springs Teatro ZinZanni show and dinner event. We also went to the Pleasant Holidays training event.
Perfect Day at Cococay
Perfect Day at Cococay is now open! This is an incredible, private destination for Royal Caribbean guests. Located in the Bahamas, this is a one-stop opportunity for fun for the whole family. There is a thrill waterpark, a chill island, a swim-up bar and more. Call us for more details!
Where to travel in your 30s
You're 30s are the perfect time to explore all your dream destinations. Traveling as a wiser adult, you might have different ideas and expectations for your vacations than you did when you were 20. Places like Cabo and Bali are the more sophisticated version of your beach trips from your 20s. You can relax at the beach during the day, and enjoy the nightlife in the evenings. New York City is perfect for travelers of all ages, but especially invigorating for the 30-something willing to explore the big city. Amsterdam is the ideal vacation when you need a break from reality and are looking to immerse yourself in art and history.
Save the date for our 2020 Travel Show!
March 8th, 2020
We will be hosting our 4th annual travel show on March 8th, 2020 at the Elgin Country Club. We had an amazing time at this location last year, and we hope to see you there!