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Ignite 2019, our National Convention, was truly amazing! You could see sparks fly as Consultants from all over the country learned together and celebrated each other's success.

Many exciting announcements were made that are sure to IGNITE your business.

Congratulations to our award winners!
We are so proud of all of you! Congratulations especially to Amber Juslen, our Spirit of L'BRI winner and Char Grover, our winner of A Beautiful Way to Live award. We also recognized many other achievers on Friday evening.

You’ll be excited when you see the latest offerings in the New Fall/Winter catalog!
Soak up new products, new scents
We’ve expanded our best selling Body Care line to offer even more choices and experiences to be totally pampered with L’BRI. Our new Soothing Bath Soak in Cucumber or Mandarin Fig will restore, refresh and renew.

With the popularity of Natural Radiance Body Scrub, we added Body Wash and Body Butter in that same refreshing scent that we’re calling Citrus Medley . We’re also adding a much requested Fragrance-Free option for those who have allergies or scent sensitivities.

Aloe at your fingertips
Back by popular demand, we’re excited to announce the return of our Soap/Lotion Caddy set available in Cucumber and Mandarin Fig.
Makeup time is a fun time!
You will LOVE the NEW Flawless Blending Sponge that makes applying our popular Flawless Finish a breeze ! You'll also love the Fall Exclusive Custom Eyes Eye Shadow Collection - Autumn Sunset with its beautiful pearl shades of Flax , Avocado, Golden Glo and 24 KT Gold.
See all the details of these exciting new introductions in the What’s New flyer found in your Business Center Resources.
Purchase your new product bundle - Limit 1
All of these fabulous products can be purchased for a limited time. The Fall/Winter 2019 New Product Bundle has a value of $187.75, yours for just $150! Bundle includes 10 Fall/Winter 2019 Catalogs too.
August Host Bonus includes new Citrus Medley scent
Convention goers also took home a gorgeous metallic tote that is included in the August Host Bonus just revealed! Those who host a qualified Show in August will receive the tote, the Natural Radiance Body Scrub Plus NEW Citrus Medley Body Wash and Body Butter! It's Spa-tacular!

We wanted to take a new approach to help you promote L’BRI and let people know EXACTLY WHY they need L’BRI in their lives.
This initiative is called WHY L’BRI. We’ve developed a new Why L’BRI brochure available for purchase and a Why L’BRI video from Linda, available soon in the Learning Center that will help you easily share the compelling reasons why L’BRI is different and WHY everyone should be giving L’BRI a try.

Send your sales, bookings and sponsoring soaring. L'BRI is introducing a new show experience that is interactive and fun.

This new PARTY EXPERIENCE is a simple format to attract new customers, hosts and consultants. Easy to learn how to do. Easy to duplicate and teach others. So fun and engaging, we can’t help but call it a PARTY!

A new CLIENT PROFILE & GAME CARD will help drive the success of your shows. You’ll feel less hesitant to share ALL 3 OPPORTUNITIES - buying product, hosting a party and looking at the opportunity - when you use this tool. It’s done in a fun way - giving away PRIZE POINTS that create easy interaction with the guests.
There are FOUR new PARTY FLOW CARDS for Skin Care, Anti-Aging, Body Spa and Makeup. Offering CHOICES will attract a broader range of new customers, new hosts and new consultants as well as provide a strong tool for more bookings. The simple five-step process is easy to learn and follow.
Getting social is a great way to break the ice and create energy and fun in the home show. A set of 8 PARTY PROP SIGNS are now available that provide colorful sentiments perfect for selfies and getting social during shows.
For those who want to start using these tools right away, we’ve put together a PARTY EXPERIENCE PACK available to purchase for just $19.95, a $31.55 value. This pack is available the month of August and includes:

Complete set of Party Flow Cards – Skin Care, Anti-Aging, Body/Hair Care, Makeup
New Party Prop Signs
New Client Profile Form 10 pack
New Fall/Winter 2019 Catalog 10 pack
New Why L’BRI brochure 10 pack
In today’s world, people are looking for easy, simple and fun and will choose opportunities for those reasons. They want to see results quickly and want experiences that are meaningful and rewarding. As a result, we are taking this opportunity to evolve our L’BRI Profit Plan with four enhancements that will make moving up in L’BRI quicker and easier. These changes take effect on August 1.
Promote to Manager and Executive Manager in just ONE month
That means if you qualify in August, you’ll be promoted September 1!

Get paid at new title the month you qualify
When you promote to Supervisor, Manager or Executive Manager you will get paid the monthly commission bonus at your new title for the month you qualified, as opposed to waiting a month.

Personally Sponsored Qualified changes to Personally Sponsored Qualified LINE
Instead of having just your Personally Sponsored Consultants qualify for the number qualified on your team, you'll be able to count any qualified Consultant who is in your personally sponsored Consultant's downline. Only 1 person per line can count towards a personally sponsored line.

Receive a Promotion Bonus when you reach the next level
You'll be rewarded for each level you reach with a cash bonus. Promote to Senior Consultant and you'll earn a $100 bonus. Promote to Supervisor and your bonus is $200. When you earn a Manager promotion you'll enjoy a $500 bonus! When you promote to Executive Manager, you'll receive a $1,000 bonus.
We are positive you will find these changes energizing and will have more fun planning for the next promotion party. Take a few minutes to review the updated Profit Plan in the Business Center Resources .

We want more people than ever to try L’BRI. Once they do, we are confident they’ll understand how much we have to offer. Since first impressions matter, we have revamped our New Consultant experience to provide more choices and to create a greater connection to the L’BRI community.
New Starter Kits offer more choice
Our Starter Kit strategy includes a kit choice that’s right for everyone, right for any budget and right for the amount of time and commitment one intends to give their business. 
Our Ultimate Starter Kit is $299 and is a perfect choice for a new Consultant who loves it all and who is ready to begin sharing Skin Care, Body Care, Make Up and more. 
For just $99, new Consultants can choose our Signature Starter Kit, which focuses on supporting a Consultant in doing a 5-piece Skin Care Presentation. 
For the first time ever, a new Consultant will now have their choice of a third Starter Kit Option at just $49.  Our Try L’BRI Starter Kit, includes a few of our hero products that are great for demonstrations and an instant WOW to anyone that experiences them.
EVERY new kit also comes with a special sampling offer. New Consultants get to send five sample sets to new customers, free of charge – L’BRI will mail the sample sets and cover the cost of shipping.
These new Starter Kits will also be packaged to impress in beautiful packaging that features butterflies in a vibrant orange with our A Beautiful Way to Live sentiment. This theme is carried throughout the new Consultant experience including the Welcome letter in the kits, the new updated Successful Start Guide and the emails they’ll receive during their first months with L’BRI. These kits will be available starting Monday, July 29 when enrollment re-opens.
New Fast Start in 50! Program
We have exciting new kits, simplified training, more support from the home office, and also a brand-new way to help New Consultants experience simple and attainable goals, recognition and rewards in their first 50 days. We’re calling this program Fast Start in 50!, and it will replace the current Quick Start program for new Consultants. Go here for all the details.

Your customers will be getting an email with all the details about how to join L'BRI for as little as $49 with our new Try L'BRI Starter Kit. But if they are interested in starting at a higher level, August is the month to join! With the Signature Starter Kit they'll also receive a NEW Product bonus valued at $39. And, if they are ready to take their business to the Ultimate Level, they'll receive a NEW PRODUCT bonus valued at more than $115.

Climb aboard the Holiday Express and find out how you can get your hands on some of the glitz and dazzle of our holiday collection a little early this year.

Beginning August 1 you can earn some of the holiday gift sets for sales and sponsoring.

Two levels of Sales
When you sell $600 or more in Personal Volume you'll earn everything offered in Level 1 of this incentive. Sell $1,200 or more and you'll earn everything in Level 1 PLUS everything in Level 2. Together that's over $100 in holiday happiness!

Sponsor for more
When you sponsor 1 new Consultant in the month of August who sells $1,000 or more in their first 50 days, you'll year the Holiday Spa Set in Cucumber. That's a $119.95 value!

We are delighted to welcome Laurie Langill as our new Vice President of Field Development. Laurie has enjoyed an impressive career in direct sales, developing large teams as well as working as a coach and mentor to inspire leaders to reach the highest possible levels of success. She's thrilled to be working at L'BRI and has some big plans and ideas that will IGNITE your growth.

Weekly 1/2 hour training sessions starting August 6
Starting next Tuesday, August 6, Laurie will be providing a half-hour Facebook Live training session each Tuesday at 8 p.m. Central Time. Please join her for awesome insight, inspiration and motivation!

Join L'BRI for a gorgeous getaway to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where you'll enjoy plenty of sunshine, tropical breezes, the crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches of Mahoe Bay.

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Jamaica is home to gorgeous waterfalls and rivers, and many breathtaking adventures. This is a destination for foodies and historians, for music lovers and beach goers alike. Warm weather and some of the friendliest folks on the planet are waiting you to welcome you to Jamaica.
In early August we’ll be launching an updated L’BRI website. It’s not quite ready yet, but we thought you’d want to at least see a preview. The new site has been completely redone. New easier-to-follow navigation will provide customers a more efficient path to get to the information that they need. 

The updated design gives new life and energy to our brand and aligns the web to our catalog and other marketing materials. The new site provides just the right balance of information without overwhelming a new visitor. And it is mobile friendly. This is just the first step in improving the site. Look for additional updates later this year and into next.
We know you're excited about the many new enhancements that are sure to IGNITE your business. If you have any questions, we can help you answer them by contacting us at support@lbri.com.


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