Dr. Jane has completed all the requirements for ordination, including an ordination paper, and has been approved by the Committee on Church and Ministry to proceed to an Ecclesiastical Council.. From the UCC Manual on Ministry: "In the United Church of Christ, the authority to ordain ministers and to grant ministerial standing is given to Associations."

Dr. Jane's Ecclesiastical Council has been scheduled for Sunday,
June 9, at 4 PM, in our sanctuary. Clergy and delegates of the Fairfield East Association will gather to learn more about Dr. Jane and her call to ministry and faith journey, and to ask questions about her paper. They will then vote on recommending Dr. Jane for ordination, pending a call.

This is a very important moment in Dr. Jane's life, but it is also an important moment in the life of this congregation and in the life of the United Church of Christ. This congregation has walked with Dr. Jane for the years she has been a Member in Discernment. You have supported her, cared for her, just as she has supported and cared for you. You are invited to attend Dr. Jane's Ecclesiastical Council, to hear her words, listen to her responses to questions, and to support her in this very important step on her journey to ordination.