prEview June 20, 2019
Beloved in Christ, thank you for the wonderful send-off you gave me at Sunday's service, for the cards and gifts, and for the hugs and tears. As we part ways, I offer you my prayers for healing and hope.
 I will carry you in my heart forever.

Blessing and love, Pastor Rachel
Marcia Merritt will lead worship with a sermon taken from
“New Adventures" Contributed by Kenneth Sauer on Jun 6, 2018. Marcia Merritt will be Deacon of the Day, and David Nobles will be Lay Reader. Ashley Adams will offer a Children's Message, and Zoe Vandermeer and the Sanctuary Choir will provide musical leadership. Please join us for coffee hour following the service hosted by the Nobles            
First Congregational Church of Bethel
Sunday, July 14th  
Dear Friends,
We will be holding an informational gathering on Sunday, July 14th, after morning service in the Main Hall.
This will allow us time to have multiple Boards and Committees bring the group up to date as to where we are within our present journey together.
In this time of discernment, we want to be sure we are all given ample time for questions and concerns.
If you are not able to make the meeting and/or have specific questions you would like addressed at the meeting, please contact Marcia Merritt (Co-Chair Deacons) or myself prior.
Thank you ALL for your continued dedication to God's House.
Jim Welsh – Moderator
Vacation Bible School
Dates July 29th- Aug 2nd
Times 9:00am - 12:15pm

Computer Classes
Looking to learn more about computers? Email? Writing documents? Excel Spreadsheets?
First Church wants to help with our inter-generational Computer Lab .
with topics you would like to
 learn more about.
We will begin to offer classes this coming school year.

NEW office hours!
Starting May 20th

Office Hours
Monday 9am-12pm
Wednesday 9am-12pm
Friday 9am-12pm

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered! Sign-up sheets are available, we need volunteers for July 7th-August.
Lay Readers are needed starting
May 26th.

First Congregational Church of Bethel, 46   Main   St Bethel , CT  06801
Phone # 203-743-1877
An Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ.