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Chip Witt

August 2020 President's Message
I hope this month’s der Riesenbaum finds you all safe, happy, and cool amidst our recent Northern California heat wave. While our club events have been slowed to a crawl this year for obvious reasons, it has been good to see some club activity and eager participation in recent weeks. The window of participation for Redwood Region’s first Social Distancing Rally has passed, so I look forward to hearing the stories from those of you that were able to participate. I know that Jim Robison wrote an article for this month’s issue detailing the results, and it is well worth your time to read.

August has traditionally been the time of my favorite Porsche Club of America events. The “memory” features of all my social media accounts have been abuzz with pictures from Werks Reunions, Rolex Motorsports Reunion Porsche Platz, and other motorsport enthusiasts’ events of years past. Rather than bore you with another pep talk about “getting through this time together”, I thought I’d share a quick pictorial walk through some of my past memories of August events from 2012 to 2017 as a reminder of why we all love this club and our marque so much...and of all we have to look forward to on the other side of our current global crisis. I hope you enjoy it!

One last thing I wanted to mention: PCA Sim Racing will be starting its Series 5 on Friday, September 4, 2020. Races will be streamed live and available on-demand after events on YouTube (details will be available from the PCA Sim Racing website). The series will take participants to virtual tracks at Laguna Seca, Mosport, Barber, Road Atlanta, COTA, Watkins Glen, Suzuka, and the road course at Daytona. Zone 7 will be represented by Justin Tsang (GGR) and Matty James (GGR) in the Pro class, Sahib Khalsa (GGR), Stephen Chen (Diablo), and Teddy Framhein (GGR) in the Club class, Chip Witt (Redwood), John D’Angelo (LPR), and Tim Clark (LPR) in the Sport class, and Brian Ghidinelli (GGR) and Tim Smith (GGR) in the Challenge class. There will be individual drivers’ and zone “team” championships in play for each class, so join me in wishing all competitors luck….and Go Zone 7!

Thank you, be well, and stay safe out there!
From the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

Corona Virus Cases Surge in Northern California:

It is so hard to believe that after 3 months of quarantine and new cases and hospitalizations flattening, that we are now in different situation with significant increases in new cases of the Corona Virus. With new cases peaking at over 7,000 daily in the state, our Governor has recently ordered that businesses such as bars, night clubs, family entertainment centers, movie theaters, wine tasting rooms, and dine in restaurant service be immediately suspended effective as of July 12th. In addition, if your county is on the state’s watch list, enclosed shopping malls are also being required to close. In Zone 7, some the counties that are on the current watch list with more restrictions include Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, Glenn, Madera, Monterey, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Sonoma, Tulare, Yolo and Yuba which are all counties within Zone 7.

So far there have not been any closings of racetrack venues where many of our members enjoy competing in many of our club races and DE programs. I have been on the fence for quite some time about whether to open for business as usual with precautions but with the recent surge in cases am having second thoughts. Though a significant sector of new infections are occurring among those under 50 years old and in some areas those under the age of 25 years old, I am deeply concerned with the health and safety of all PCA members and the heightened risk of becoming infected by grand children or children who may be infected. I believe it is always better safe than sorry and that social distancing, the wearing of face masks, and avoiding large crowds is the best course of action.

But where does that leave our beloved activities like touring, dinner and other social events? I guess it puts the burden of responsibility on your local regional board of directors to start to open- up more activities and leave the choice to our members to make the decision to participate or not. If we look at many of the events that have been cancelled across the regions in Zone 7 as well as large national events such as Parade, Werks Reunion, and Treffen Broadmoor it would be easy to ride the bandwagon and sit on the sidelines until a vaccine is developed or we flatten the curve. With the Pac 12 cancelling all non-league competition for the fall, Universities and colleges still wavering on whether students can return to campus in person and public schools for our youngest still on the fence it is certainly a difficult time for all concerned. The last thing for many of us would be to contract the virus from a close family member or club member.

Sacramento Valley Region Hosts Zone 7 Autocross Series Opener:
Alan Booth, Sacramento Valley, on course

Sacramento Valley Region hosted its first event of the season and the Zone Series event #1 at Thunderhill Raceway on June 27th. Turn- out was nearly 60 drivers with some deciding at the last minute to cancel due to concerns with the weather. None the less, SVR AX chair John Leet and his crew did a fantastic job of pulling off a great event as well as practicing social distancing and adhering to local guidelines regarding preventing the spread of the virus. Drivers had to sign a total of 4 waivers, had their temperatures taken at the raceway entrance and overall did not put too big of an inconvenience on drivers anxious to get in a day of competition.
L/R Drew Powers, Redwood Region and Mark Hansen, Sacramento Valley Region

Golden Gate Region held its first regional event at the Cow Palace on June 28th with several restrictions in place including a cap on the number of attendees imposed by the county of San Mateo and the management of the Cow Palace. AX chair Himanshu Patel reported that that the event hit its capacity of 50 drivers within 2 minutes of the opening of registration. With restrictions in place, this has made drivers participating in the Zone 7 Series complicated as current Zone 7 rules requires participants not only participate in 50% of the events but include at least 3 regions in their participation. Zone 7 autocross chair Grady Carter is reviewing this issue and should have a decision shortly after polling region AX chairs.

Zone Concours Series Event Changes

Several regions have cancelled their annual concours events due to Corona Virus restrictions and have rescheduled them to October in hopes that the Corona Virus pandemic may have subsided as well as county health department restrictions. Regions that have rescheduled their concours events include Golden Gate and Loma Prieta regions. Sierra Nevada Region has decided to cancel their event and look forward to 2021 to host their much-anticipated Zone event. Watch for the updated calendar on the Zone 7 website as well as your region’s local calendar. Also see the Events of Interest calendar at the end of this column.

National News and Event Updates

PCA national recently held its annual board of directors meeting. The national board of directors includes are 145 region presidents as well as the elected executive council. The board recently approved modifications to 1) national policy update regarding the club’s whistle blower procedures, and 2) national policy update on the club’s competition policy. Both measures were over whelming approved by the board of directors. PCA president Tom Gorsuch also provided some updates on the success of the spring raffle, programs offered by Motorsportreg and Clubsport.reg facilitating the signing of the new communicable disease waiver, and club membership news.

PCA treasurer, Craig Kugler, reported on the club’s finances after our annual audit and all looks good and that the club is still on sound financial footing. He reported that club expenses were reduced by about 25% to offset anticipated revenue losses. Cuts in travel expenses for the EC as well as all national staff was part of the cost reductions. The audit did reveal that there were several revenue and expenses that were recognized in 2019 that should not have.

Tom Gorsuch also provided an update on Treffen Greenbriar in West Virginia and reported that registration will open on July 15th. Registration is expected to reach capacity and sell out within hours of the opening. If you have any interest in attending, mark your calendars and be ready to register once registration opens.

National awards usually awarded at Parade are in the works and that Ron Gordon, Parade chair and national executive director, Vu Nguyen, are currently working on a virtual awards presentation. More details to come for those members who have submitted for awards in the various categories.

Events of Interest

1)     Zone 7 Concours, July 19, Carmel Valley Community Park, by Monterey Bay Region has been rescheduled to October 25th
2)     Zone 7 Concours, August 2, Reno, by Sierra Nevada Region; CANCELLED
3)     Werks Reunion in Monterey; August 14, CANCELLED
4)     Porscheplatz at Monterey Historic Races, August 15-16, Laguna Seca; CANCELLED
5)     West Coast Series Races, August 22-23, Sonoma Raceway, by Golden Gate Region
6)     Zone 7 Concours, August 23, Porsche Redwood City, by Golden Gate Region; rescheduled to October 18th
7)     Loma Prieta Region 50th Anniversary Gala; August 29; rescheduled to March 2021
8)     Zone 7 AX, August 29, Cow Palace, Daly City, by Golden Gate Region
9)     Zone 7 AX, August 30, Cow Palace, Daly City, by Loma Prieta Region
10)  Zone 7 Concours, September 13, Sacramento, by Sacramento Valley Region
11)  PCA Fall Treffen at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia; September 16-19; treffen.pca.org. SOLD OUT
12)  Zone 7 Concours, September 20, Ledson Winery - Kenwood, by Redwood Region; CANCELLED
13)  West Coast Series Races, September 19-20, High Plains Raceway, by Rocky Mountain Region
14)  West Coast Series Races, September 26-27, Thunderhill, by Golden Gate Region
15)  Zone 7 Concours, October 4; Carmel Valley, by Monterey Bay Region
16)  West Coast Series Races, October 10-11, Sonoma Raceway, by Golden Gate Region
17)  Zone 7 AX, October 10-11, Thunderhill, by Sacramento Valley and Redwood Regions
18)  Zone 7 Concours, October 11, Porsche of Fremont, by Loma Prieta Region
19)  Zone 7 Concours, October 18, Porsche Redwood City, by Golden Gate Region
20)  Zone 7 AX, October 24, Cow Palace, Daly City, by Golden Gate Region
21)  Zone 7 AX, October 25, Cow Palace, Daly City, by Loma Prieta Region
22)  Loma Prieta Region 50th Anniversary Gala, March 2021
23)  PCA Spring Treffen at the Marriott Scottsdale, Arizona; May 5-9, 2021; treffen.pca.org
24)  Porsche Parade at French Lick, Indiana, July 11-17, 2021
25)  PCA Fall Treffen at the American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin, October 13-17, 2021
26)  PCA Spring Treffen at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 27-May 1, 2022

Note that past Treffens have sold out in as little as one hour due to their growing popularity.

All photos courtesy of Collin Fat
The Social Distancing Rally
Jim Robison
Redwood Region Member
Congratulations to all participants in the Social Distancing Rally. Ida Clayton would be proud! Feedback including:

  • Fun-to-drive roads.
  • I may have to call the EPA for clean-up help when I wash the car!
  • Lots of fun over roads we wouldn't have otherwise known about
  • Beautiful day. Picnic lunch stop in St. Helena at Lyman Park was perfect
  • We had a lot of fun on our first Rally as Porsche owners
  • Very scenic drive
  • We had a ton of fun and got to drive on roads we've never been on before
  • Perfect weather for the new 718 Boxster
  • Some roads we had never been on before! Totally enjoyed the day
  • Tons of fun but not fans of the Ida Clayton Road
  • Great ride on some roads I have not been on since I was very young!
  • Great route with a few new roads I hadn't explored before
  • A great group of roads. Cannot wait for more drives!

We started with 21 Route Markers, but 2 disappeared midway through the event, so all scores were re-calculated based on the remaining 19. Two cars found all 19: Jeff Hall and Kathleen Smith in a 2018 Macan, and Chuck Lenhard and Heather Cheda in a 2011 911 convertible. I used fastest average speed as the tie-breaker. With average speeds of 26.1 MPH and 38.2 MPH respectively, Chuck and Heather are declared the winners of the Social Distancing Rally. The best non-Porsche was Ken Mason and Renee Estrada, who found 17 markers, driving a 2015 Corvette.

Kaj and Birgetta Hallstorm, after driving their 1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet on Ida Clayton Road, suggested that first prize should be a car wash. So be it. A gift card for a car wash has been sent to Chuck and Heather.

Bad Ass Coffee reports that their collection barrel for the Redwood Empire Food Bank is overflowing. Thank you for your contributions to this worthy cause, especially given the current economic situation.

The average speed for all teams was 32.2 MPH.  Ben and Lisa Davoren had the fastest time with a smokin’ 41.2 MPH in their 2017 Carrera S Cabriolet. Ken Mason and Renee Estrada had the fastest non-Porsche, with an average of 34.4 MPH in their 2015 Corvette.

The best miles per gallon was Gary and Lynda Bayless in their 1998 Porsche Boxster, squeezing an average of 25.50 miles out of every gallon of petrol. The best non-Porsche was Rick and Linda Duste, getting 24.14 MPG in their 2017 Nissan Rogue. Their grandson managed the scorecard duties and gets a special acknowledge as the youngest participant in the rally. I see a future World Rally Champion here.

My thanks to all who ran the Social Distancing Rally. When social distancing is in the rear-view mirror, we’ll do a real rally, with checkpoints and a group finish at a local pub. Until then, take care.
Board Meeting Minutes
Alan Geddes
Redwood Region Secretary

Our board meetings are on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. The next board meeting is August 25th and will be held virtually. Please visit the Redwood Website for login details. All members are welcome to attend. 

You can read previous board meeting minutes here. 
Membership Report & Information
Tom Short
Membership Director

In July 2020, 45 PCA Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club, including three members with over 40 years in our club, four members with over 30 years in our club, and seven more who have been members for over 20 years. Congratulations to all of you for such long-term loyalty and thank you to all of you who are marking anniversaries – I hope you are enjoying your membership. and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club has to offer! 
In July we welcomed six new members. You will be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge shortly. Also, if you’d like to order a name badge for your associate member, follow the instructions on how to do so on our website. 
Regarding our events, the health and safety of our members and fellow car enthusiasts is of utmost importance to the Redwood Region and the broader Porsche Club of America. As a result, we have greatly reduced our regular calendar of activities due to recommended health and safety social distancing measures currently in place. We still have some upcoming virtual events as well as some interesting new challenges that you can do on your own, so be sure to check out our website calendar and watch for our email and newsletter for more info. 
I encourage everyone to check out our website to get the latest news about what’s going on with Redwood Region members and sign up for upcoming events. Our events are a great way to meet other PCA members and have some fun with great people and our amazing cars. In the meantime, we wish you and your families and friends well during these extraordinary times. Stay healthy. 
If you spot any errors or have any questions about membership please email me.

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