Our Philosophy is still the same:

Just as one college isn't the perfect fit for every student, the same approach to college counseling doesn't work for every family. A specialized approach to college counseling uniquely benefits each student. Our philosophy is that the one-on-one counselor-to-student experience yields the best results and happiest outcome for the best college fit. We listen carefully to each family's hopes and concerns, and we want to learn as much as possible about what makes each student extraordinary. This knowledge helps frame the student's applications to a carefully chosen list of schools, therefore giving them the best chance among large college applicant pools. Drawing on our extensive experiences with high school students, testing and educational curricula, and knowledge of colleges and graduate school programs, we offer an array of plans that takes the stress out of the application process and helps your student find the best college match.

Our Services :

Our price has been simplified and streamlined: In an effort to meet the needs of our families, we have changed to an hourly fee; no more packages other than a discounted price for five sessions. This way a family can choose the number of sessions as they progress. Because our counselors spend a great deal of time outside of meeting times on behalf of each family, each sessions is $125 or five for $600.

What to Expect from College Advising at The Davidson Center:

  • Strategies for maximizing the high school experience and achievement beginning in the 8th grade
  • In-depth exploration of career and college options emphasizing best-fit practices
  • Education about and assistance with the college application process including a deadline-based action plan, SAT/ACT navigation, essay drafting/polishing, resume generation, and general organization
  • Identifying available college resources (transcripts, letters of recommendation, in-school counselor resources)
  • Generation of a college list that will align with the student's academic profile and campus fit preferences as well as the family's financial expectations
  • Navigating financial aid processes, including forms such as FAFSA, the CSS Profile and the review of award letters
  • Assistance with scholarship searches and completion
  • Completing final preparations once a college choice is made:connecting to on-campus resources, identifying career-related and on-campus activity opportunities

    Meet Our Counselors:

    Jean Bonnyman B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S.

    Jean has 30 years experience in the education and counseling fields. She has worked as a college counselor, learning specialist and sport psychologist at Darlington School near Atlanta for the last 10 years.

    Caroline Stevens B.A., M.Ed.

    Caroline has worked with gifted and talented students in Atlanta, Georgia and the Charlotte area on college prep and school selection.

    Larina Pierce B.A., M.A., J.D.

    Larina has an extensive background in writing, editing, career counseling and application management.

    Amanda Miller

    Amanda served as a college adviser at Mooresville High School for 3 years, advising over 1,500 students.

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