Lives International Corporation is proud to announce the release of 


data loggers at the 2015 ISPE Annual Conference, November 8 th  - 10 th.

What's New?

This technology enables  r e a l   t i m e   monitoring, alerts, and analytics of temperature, shock, and GPS location for your sensitive shipments. 

Compliant with cold chain requirements, 
X p e r t  T r a c k will allow users to actively control their shipments worldwide, saving time,  money and resources while ensuring product quality and safety. Simply include them in  your shipments and connect through our cloud-based system to follow your product as  it moves along the supply chain. Over a decade of experience in manufacturing  thermal mapping data loggers, Lives International is proud to introduce yet another  fantastic product in the critical area of supply/cold chain. 

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We invite you to come in and visit us at  t a b l e  #  93  to learn about all of our products and services. Come learn how we are driving faster innovation, and see how Lives International can help improve the integrity of your supply chain.  While you're there, be sure to register to win a $100 Amex gift card.
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