The Cities of Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo and the Waterloo Region Townships in partnership with the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre, is launching a Small Business Recovery Outreach Program to support small businesses and entrepreneurs as they plan for the reopening of Ontario’s economy and begin their recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

The program is FREE for any business in Waterloo Region. Let's work together and our team will do everything we can to make sure that you're ready for whatever new challenges come your way. All you need to do is connect with us, let's talk.   


Let us help you access the knowledge and skills you need to complete your digital transformation. Whether that is having a stronger online presence, selling online, or improving your social media tactics. 

These services are FREE to small businesses in Waterloo Region  Connect with us and Learn More
These round table talks get started with invited local industry guests who are adapting, pivoting and overcoming challenges.... just like you. They will share their experiences in a supportive environment leading us into conversations and discussions facilitated by the WRSBC team. These sessions are FREE!

Peer2Peer groups provide an opportunity for individuals in similar industries or roles to share best practices, ideas, and provide guidance on current business challenges. Whatever problems you face, someone in your group has faced it and remedied it. 

Together we are stronger.

merchandise, apparel, specialty shops, home decor and supplies, collectibles, galleries, repairs, electronics, after-market sales, and more.
personal care, health and wellness practitioners, trainers, coaches, consultants, accounting, administrative, educational services.
restaurants , cafes, bakers, beverage, mobile, markets, caterers, meal prep, hospitality, processors, specialty foods, suppliers, distributors.

May 19 | 9:30 am - 11:00 am: Business Plan Masterclass

Are you already in business and wanting to put together your business plan for growth or financing options? If you are new to business, start with our Start Up Session and Business Fundamentals. This hands on masterclass will take you through the steps of writing your business plan and financial projections. A business plan and financial forecasts are needed when applying for loans and funds and to provide clarity and direction in a business owner’s journey. Presented by Business Advisory Centre Durham

May 19 | 9:30 am - 11:30 am: Financial Forecasting

No matter your business model, a lack of attention to financial information will hurt your business. This 2-hour webinar will help you understand how to develop sound financial projections and a working cash flow model, as well as interpret related financial statement components. Presented by Invest Ottawa

May 19 | 1 pm - 3:15 pm: How to Transform Feedback Into Action

Acting on feedback from your employees, customers, students, and the market has never been more critical. Join thousands of leaders and experts across Marketing, Customer Experience, HR, Market Research and Education as we examine how to use feedback from the people you serve in order to triumph, even in the most turbulent times. By Invest Ottawa

May 19 | 1 pm - 2 pm: COVID-19 Support for Businesse s

As the world continues to respond and follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, one of the most common questions we’re receiving is, “What is the government providing to support Canadian businesses affected by COVID-19?” Join our webinar today and find a clear path for your business. Presented by Mentorworks

This webinar aims to demonstrate, through the presentation of a process and tools, what business owners can do to organize their ideas and explore new opportunities for revenue growth. Presented by MBEC

You will learn what a brand strategy is and how changing consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments are impacting your brand. by KW Chamber of Commerce

May 20 | 2 pm - 3:30 pm: Market Research Methods and Resources

Market research helps you to better understand your market. It is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your business idea. This seminar discusses how to conduct market research, outlines the types of market research, and provides tips on how to plan your search and be effective. Presented by Invest Ottawa
May 20 | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm: Side Hustle Starter Kit EVENT

The Maker's Collective is proud to announce the launch of the Side Hustle 101 online course & pitch competition. For early-stage and aspiring side hustlers, Side Hustle 101 is a 12 week online training program to help bring your side hustle to life. After completing the program, participants will have the opportunity to pitch in the Side Hustle 101 pitch competition.  Learn more about Side Hustle 101 and Pitch here
May 21 | 9:30 - 11:00 am: Startup Business Basics

Starting a new business venture? Learn the necessary steps to start your business! Including: the various forms of business ownership, government regulations, the importance of a business plan,• forecasting cash flow, • identifying your target market and client profile, when and why to register for HST. Hosted by WRSBC

May 21 | 1 pm - 2 pm: The Art of Energy Management Creating Work/Life Harmony

This webinar will explore how you can leverage your daily energy levels to work more effectively. By identifying your distractions and create strategies to minimize them and discussing ways to leverage your daily energy levels to work more effectively and reduce stressors. create greater work/life harmony to positively impact the progress on your business goals. Presented b y Invest Ottawa .

May 21 | 2 pm - 3 pm: How to Manage your Team Remotely

Managing remotely brings its own unique set of challenges...and rewards, if you are clear and intentional as a leader on what direction your team needs to take in this new normal.   Presented by Windsor SBC

Whether you have $0, $50, or $100 a month to spend on Facebook and Instagram, you can still reach your target customers and clients. Discover some creative ways to do so in this beginner-level webinar. Presented by Digital Main Street .

In this workshop we’ll be peeling back the layers of complexity involved with communicating your ideas. Theory, structure, and practical tips on how to prepare and what best practices to follow will all be covered. Present by YSpace

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS -Rhyze Ventures is a custom-designed program created by women entrepreneurs,for women entrepreneurs. We have crafted a balance of in-class learning, practical hands-on project work, mentorship, and peer-to-peer networking to address your biggest business challenges, push your boundaries, and see you through to implementation. Innovation Guelph and Partners . Applications Close May 31st

Th e Canadian economy is gradually reopening after a shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You will need to plan how your business will restart, adapting your operations to meet demand, ensuring your supply chains, managing your financial circumstances and put best practices in place. Presented by Business Advisory Centre Durham

Join us as we discuss issues including the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA), strategies Tenants and Landlords are using to restructure leases, and what the future of the office might look like. by KW Chamber of Commerce

May 25 | 9:30 am - 11 am: Social Media for Small Business

In this fun and interactive workshop, we’ll look at the basics of today’s popular social media channels—including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest—and decide which are right for you. Presented b y Digital Main Street

May 25 | 1 pm - 2:00 pm : Social Finance Prep for Boards

Are you a board member or senior leader wanting to support your board or your organization to access new funding streams through social finance models? Capacity Canada and Innoweave will co-host a webinar for leaders to help them build knowledge, confidence and understanding about how boards need to prepare to engage more fully in social finance thinking. Presented by Capacity Canada.

May 25 | 2 pm - 3:00 pm: Hot Topics in HR

We will share updates on topics that may be keeping you and your employees up at night. Learn about best practices across all industries and tools to help. KW Chamber of Commerce

Starting a new business venture? Learn the necessary steps to start your business! Including: the various forms of business ownership, government regulations, the importance of a business plan,• forecasting cash flow, • identifying your target market and client profile, when and why to register for HST. Present by WRSBC

May 27 | 7 pm - 8:30 pm: Google Analytics Small Business

Ever wondered who’s visiting your website, and what they’re doing there? Google Analytics can tell you all of that and more. Discover the fundamentals of Google Analytics in this beginner-level webinar. Presented by Digital Main Street
Getting your Business Contagion Certified. This Standard outlines what you will need to put in place in order to get officially certified. Contagion Certification Standard PDF Format

Shopify’s guide to help local store owners easily set-up online stores, while enabling curbside pickup for their customers. This should take you no more than 1 hour. This is for stores brand new to Shopify.

Shopify created this guide to help local store owners easily set-up online stores which enable local hand delivery to their local customers. This is for simple stores brand new to Shopify. Please take inspiration if you’re already up and running with Shopify. This should take you no more than 1 hour. by Shopify

REM Web Solutions - While your customers are taking a break from visiting your physical store, let us help keep your business thriving through our easy, affordable eCommerce solutions. REM Web Solutions

Download this handbook for the most up-to-date information on federal and provincial announcements and relief measures.