It's time to bring FH to the forefront of the heart disease conversation. We need to find every individual and family with FH.  


FIND FH has the potential to revolutionize the way people with FH are diagnosed and treated.  This is a patient-led initiative by The FH Foundation to use "big data" to save lives.  The FIND FH Initiative will search healthcare databases to help health care providers identify individuals with probable FH across the United States so as to diagnose them early. 


Today, FH is being overlooked even when it is there in plain sight.  We miss decades of opportunity to stop the progression of heart disease. Too many people find out they have FH after they have a heart attack or after their child is diagnosed with homozygous FH.  That has to change and we have no time to waste.  


Learn more about FIND FH here and Join Us to be a part of this patient-led effort to find people with FH while they still have a fighting chance to stop family heart disease.

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