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Finding God in Surprising Places - from the Editor
- Johnese Burtram

As always happens with your articles for Element Connection, I am again inspired and encouraged by your submissions for Finding God in Surprising Places. This fall we welcome new contributors. I hope you will connect with these ministry sisters as they share their lives with you. My prayer is that the articles in this 2016 Fall edition will sharpen our awareness to God at work in our lives in surprising places.

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A new season. A new design.
We are launching a new design for the ELEMENT CONNECTION.  We are migrating from a static newsletter to a dynamic blog format.  We will update more frequently with new articles.  Please enjoy our first installment for Fall 2016.

God, unexpected
by Deborah Galyen

I feel deeply at peace and in awe of God's majesty, here in Spain, when we escape our dusty city to walk in the mountains or stroll through orange groves in a remote village.  In contrast, being mired in relational conflict makes me feel tense, vaguely guilty, and sick to my stomach; therefore, it was the last place I ever expected to encounter God's presence.

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He Was With Me Through it All
by Kathleen Poulton

One time I was very religious,
  a good person for sure
Yet standing on Gods promises and His Word to
   me never once did occur
At that time in my life I was naive and unsure
   The things of this world were certainly a lure
To be popular and wealthy were certainly unhealthy
   To rise to the top and attain it all
I certainly was headed straight for a fall

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Finding God in Africa
by Angela Donadio

I have another life. It's a life I love, but not a life I own. It's a borrowed life; borrowed from the African soil.

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Glimpses of Heaven
by Jessica Fortner

Recently my 4 year old daughter shared a vivid story with my husband and me. On this particular Sunday afternoon, while pointing out the living room window, she told us that before she was born Jesus had brought her down to our window and she could see us inside.  He told her this was going to be her home. She told Jesus she didn't want to come.

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