We hope your New Year is going well! See below for updates on the youth group schedule and don't miss our Volunteer Service Sunday January 20 with Loudoun Habitat!
Youth Group Schedule Update
For January, youth group meetings will be the to the first and third Sunday. We are evaluating whether to move to this frequency going forward. Please email with any questions.

Here are our upcoming events:
  • January 20 - Volunteer for Loudoun Habitat for Humanity
  • February 3 - Superbowl party at the Schmidts
Volunteer with Us
Youth Group will have one Sunday a month dedicated entirely to Christian mission volunteering to serve the needy in our area and around the world. Join us on January 20 between 1 and 3 to help in the Loudoun Habitat for Humanity ReStore which enables people to obtain housing in our area.

4 Pillars of a Meaningful Life
Are you happy? Do you seek happiness? In seeking happiness, we may become more unhappy. When we search for meaning, we may discover the root of all that is happy, God. Do you recognize Christ as the foundation of our lives?

Belonging, purpose, transcendence, and storytelling are the four pillars of meaning according to this author. This is a good watch regardless of how you hear it.
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