JULY 22, 2020
Dear Friends and Neighbors:

It seems like every day there are new shifts in what we perceive as “normal”, does it not? I am writing this newsletter hoping that it finds you well and hoping that despite the challenges that we are currently faced with in our country and specifically, in Monterey County, that you are safe and you are healthy. Ultimately, I hope that through overcoming these challenges, you are able to find happiness and joy. Personally, I have continued to find happiness and joy within my family. With restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Danielle and I have found ourselves in the role of not just a parent, but also as a caregiver. As you can imagine, this has been a major adjustment for us, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. With our daughter's care going digital, we have personally been giving Molly the tools that she needs to succeed and in return, we have watched her flourish. What a joy that has been, and again, I hope similar happiness has been finding each of you.

In the past few weeks, amidst these challenges, we have also lost leaders in our county and in our nation. I have seen the impact that those losses have had on our local community and each of them has inspired me to become a better leader in their honor. In my last newsletter, I wrote that in this time of uncertainty for our country and for Monterey County, real leadership is needed and that I will be that leader. That stands just as true today as it did then. If you have been similarly inspired, I encourage you to get involved. Volunteer . Educate yourself. Be the leader that your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens of Monterey County need you to be. Together we can achieve great things, and together we will.

Your support for my campaign for Monterey County Supervisor has been appreciated greatly. Thank you for the many ways that each of you has continued to encourage me.

Stay safe. Stay well.
The McShane for Monterey County Supervisor Campaign needs your support. Please consider sharing this newsletter, volunteering or making a small financial contribution.
This week I proudly announced two new endorsements for my campaign for Supervisor: Cruz Bustamante , Former Lieutenant Governor of California and the Filipino Community of Salinas Valley , Inc. Click the button below to view a full list of official campaign endorsements.
Over the last few weeks, I have done my best to support as many local businesses as possible during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve safely supported farmers markets, Other Brother Beer Co., Ad Astra Bread Co., Urban Wine Row, Bella Bee Coffee, and so many more! To read about my experiences, follow me on Facebook.
Last week I spent time with the Voices of Monterey Bay “VOMB Squad” podcast host Joe Livernois. We discussed my campaign for Supervisor and much more. Click the button below to listen to Episode 7 of the VOMB Squad podcast.
The City of Salinas announced an emergency Executive Order last week that will defer fees associated with establishing outdoor dining until October 1, 2020 . As City Councilman, I am happy to support this measure for the City of Salinas. Click the button below to read the full Executive Order.
We have recently had some major breakthroughs with Molly’s therapy. She is using a spoon and feeding herself! Months of small successes have led to this inspirational point, and both her and Patrick are constant reminders of why I am running for Supervisor. My commitment to making our community the best it can be is for my friends, neighbors, and also for them.
I am so saddened by the news of the passing of Ralph Rubio, former Mayor of Seaside. Ralph was a lifelong resident of Seaside and gave so much of his time and heart to the community.

The McShane for Monterey County Supervisor Campaign needs your support. Please consider sharing this newsletter, volunteering or making a small financial contribution.