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MAY 2020
As we live longer and deeper into the pandemic that has gripped our globe, we find ourselves relying more and more on our faith. It is easy to grow complacent when it comes to spiritual growth (yes, even for those of us in ministry). With the uncertainty of the past few months, we find ourselves reflecting almost daily on Easter Sunday and the promise of new life revealed on that day.

None of us will emerge from this period of history unscathed. That may be the only certainty we have right now. Whether you find yourself grieving the loss of a loved one or a job, supporting a child through the challenge of distance learning, encouraging a 2020 graduate, waiting with someone whose sacramental initiation has been delayed, caring for the home-bound, or struggling with food insecurity - all situations that would test you under normal circumstances - a common and collective thread to carry you through this pandemic is hope.

This month's reflection speaks to the value of Finding Hope. New life is emerging all around us. Babies are still being born. Spring buds continue their movement toward flowering. Individuals are reaching out to help others with their whole selves. Communities are pulling together. While the Easter Season will come to a calendar close on May 31st this year, its hope and promise of new life endures forever.

We are an Easter People, and our faith calls us during this time to repeatedly revisit that promise of Easter Sunday. It is one that provides the path through these days when darkness could easily prevail. It is one that provides the light. It is one that calls us to realize the spark of divinity that exists within each of us, regardless of external circumstances.

We encourage you to find ways to keep sharing and listening and finding hope. We implore you to take good care of your whole self. We join you in hope-filled prayer.

Jean and Yvonne
by Christine Jurisich
I have been here on my couch, staring at my computer for way too long, not knowing what to write. I just realized why I am so stuck. When I sat down to reflect, my first instinct was to write something optimistic, yet I am feeling tired and heavy-hearted. The uncertainty of the months ahead and the sadness for so many people’s health, grief, and finances can sometimes feel overwhelming and exhausting. As I slowly breathe out a long sigh, I find my heart shifting from optimism toward hope. Something settles in me as I take heart in knowing that true hope - the kind that is grounded in a belief in God - has nothing to do with optimism... click here to keep reading.
While the rhythm of life has shifted, some things remain the same. Mothers Day comes during the month of May, a time when Catholics honor in a special way the role Mary held as Mother of Jesus. She was called to birth him, and she provides for us inspiration on faithfulness to God and the role of motherhood. She is Theotokos. Now more than ever, we are called to bring Christ to the world.

May you find light and bring hope to those you encounter in the days ahead.
May you bear witness to Christ in the world, now as always.
And may you continue to nurture and love as Mary did.
A Sacred Circle gathering is a chance to connect in community in a safe environment. For the month of May, we will pray and share on the theme of hope.

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WITHIN MINISTRIES remains able to serve your ministry needs while holding to the physical distance we have all been called to. Let us know how we can help.

We are living the Easter Season. Spiritual health is vital.
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