September 2018
Opening to Receive


What gets you out of your routines? What breaks up the monotony? And what refreshes you?

Getting away, getting out of our routines, getting out of our chairs and away from our computers…
just what an entrepreneur needs.

We love our work and there is always so much to do that it might seem counter productive to get away. At the same time, it not only is refreshing it opens up our perspective. It is easy to get super focused on the daily details – billing, social media, data and making calls, thereby accomplishing remarkable amounts.

Yet, then we lose the big picture. I forget exactly WHY I do what I do.

Driving long distances on winding country roads, walking on a beach, sitting by a lake brings a calm and an opportunity to remember what is important.

That is when inspiration comes.

Love and light, Lynne
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This group is meant to be an awakening and healing place to share thoughts and ideas. Postings that helps us move forward into remembering who we really are. Posting that shifts our identification from the outside world or our bodies to our true selves.
Upcoming Seminars

ThetaHealing® Seminar schedule :

Learn, Empower, Change, Heal with ThetaHealing Seminars

  • Basic DNA ThetaHealing     Sept. 24 - 26
  • Advanced ThetaHealing       Oct. 16-18 (prereq. basic theta)
  • Dig Deep ThetaHealing        Nov. 13-14 (basic, advanced)
  • Manifesting & Abundance    Dec. 4-5 (basic, adv., dig deep)
  • Rainbow Children Dec. 26-27, Jan. 2-4 Adults, Young Adults

Become a practitioner or advance your intuitive and healing skills. Scholarships & payments plans available. Seminars scheduled for Phoenix. Visit  for seminar descriptions.
Upcoming Events
Embrace Your Journey Expo
Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018

9 am – 5 pm

Lynne will provide readings, ThetaHealing and divine guidance at the Pointe Hilton 7677 N 16 th St. Phoenix AZ 85020

 West Valley Psychic and Wellness Expo
Saturday, October 20, 2018

9 am - 4 pm
Lynne will be there offering readings, ThetaHealing and divine guidance at the Sun City Lodge #72 18810 N 107th Avenue Sun City, AZ 85373


New Book coming in October:

A Journey with Matityahu – Book 1 Awakening

Book launch party scheduled for October: more info coming.

New Seminar:

Journey to Awakening

Begins Wed. Oct. 30, once a week for five weeks.

To set up a healing session or consultation with Lynne call 602-569-6078 or email We can work by phone, skype or zoom to build the life of your dreams.

A fully personalized session of:
ThetaHealing, a guided meditation, a reading, a body scan, divine downloads, change of limiting beliefs & ends with a future reading (a four and a-half hour personalized program).
Preferably in person (includes a vegetarian lunch) or arranged through Zoom.

Contact me to schedule. 602-569-6078 In Phoenix, AZ  
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