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#October 2020
It’s so easy to allow the enemy in this world to pull our focus from eternal matters onto surface problems, negativity, and things of this world. Thus, we begin losing our joy, which is our strength. Focusing on the Lord and waiting on him gives us strength, and we will mount up with wings as eagles. 

As we mentioned last month, despite the CoVid-19 situation, we were able to go forward with our annual conference for businessmen and marketplace leaders. This year was special in that 100% of the speakers were Croatian. It was an amazing success, and some even mentioned that this year’s conference was the best year yet! We are so grateful for the opportunity to lock arms with people who are making an impact in our nation and its economy and definitely look forward to what next year’s conference holds for us.

Last month we promised that we’d share with you in more detail the testimony of God’s provision for our home. 

For years, our family has had to move approximately every three years from one rental home to the next. We’ve sat more than once with the bank trying to figure out a way to make purchasing a home possible, but to no avail. 

In February, our landlords told us that they’d be selling the home we are renting. This was hard news. We’ve lived in this home longer than any other home, and it was an emotional time especially for our daughters. Mario started yet again to look at homes for sale in our area, and we began really praying that God would provide us with a way to buy a home so that we wouldn’t have to move any more. 

Just before lockdown Mario talked me into looking at a home that we’d looked at 6 years ago. It was located in an area to which I didn’t want to move, but I decided to take a look anyway... They had lowered their asking price to almost 40% of what they’d asked for previously, and it was within what we’d decided we could afford. As soon as I walked through the door I felt at home, and I began praying that God would give us that home. 

When our older daughter, Divna, heard about the house she asked me, “Mom, does it have a fireplace?” 

“It has a wood stove”, I answered. 
“Does it have an island in the kitchen?”
“It does.”, I answered.
“Will we each have our own room?”
“Yes?” I answered again... kind of wondering why she was asking such specific questions. 
“Then that’s the house from God!” she proclaimed. “I‘ve been praying for our home and asking God for those three things specifically.”
I was absolutely floored, but that was just one of many confirmations and answers to prayers. 

There were so many things that needed to lined up perfectly for the bank to even consider us for a loan. I began praying for a very specific, very large amount of money without which we could not get a loan. One Wednesday in prayer God told me, “Bonnie, stop asking me for this house and start thanking me for it”. It was such a step of faith for me. I believed that this was what God had for us but still... I wanted it so badly that I was afraid my emotions would get in the way of God. After two failed attempts, I timidly whispered, “thank you God for the house in Brdovec.” And quickly went on with my prayer time. 

THAT VERY EVENING a pastor- friend called Mario and said, “Our church feels like we’re supposed to help you guys with your home purchase.” They sent us the very amount I’d been praying for!
> We purchased our house!
> God has continued to provide finances for our church building
> Our album Enter into Your victory was released in English

Our worship album is officially online for purchase. You can listen to it on Spotify and purchase it on iTunes and on Amazon Music.

So, if you haven’t, jump over to one of those sites and get your copy today and remember that 100% of the proceeds from this CD will be donated toward the purchase of our church's facilities.
The first prayer had been answered, the first impossible mountain moved. 

Then we found out that the owners of that house had not taken care of some of the necessary building permits when they built the home. That paperwork would cost them about $500 and take at least 6 months to get. We were devastated. I began questioning, Had I somehow missed God?! The process that we’d had to get started in order to be considered for a loan was not one that could wait for six months. I struggled to believe but knew deep down that God had already shown his faithfulness, and anything is possible for him. The owners filed the paperwork that very week, and within one month they had the permit! 

Second prayer answered, second impossible mountain moved.

Another problem we had was that Mario is over the age to which long- term loans are offered (which meant much higher monthly payments; payments we would have an extremely hard time paying each month). I’d been praying that our monthly payments would be around the same amount that we were paying presently for rent. That was simply impossible, but I was praying for it anyway. A couple of weeks after the permit came through, Mario met with a small bank that, for some reason, has different rules and offered him a long- term loan making our house payment not much more than what we are paying for rent right now!!!

Third prayer answered, third mountain moved! 

Our loan was approved, we bought the house, and we should be moving in less than a month. Only God can do such miracles, and we are so, so grateful for his faithfulness.

Thank you all for your prayers and support of our family. We are so thankful for you all.


Mario and Bonnie Ducic
> The economic state of our country is in a very precarious place of Covid 19. Too many businesses have had to close their doors.
> Continued finances for a new van
> That God will continue to soften the hearts of unbelievers
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach