Inspiring stories about your investments making a difference in LCMS congregations across Texas.
The team from St. John in Athens works together in a old storage room to create their new podcast, "The Gamut". 

Amidst the chaotic times in which we live, churches, including St. John in Athens, have been forced to cultivate new and innovative ways to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Technology has become an essential mode of communication for ministry. As professional church workers, we have had to embrace, learn, and develop technology within our congregations at a rapid pace. If it is online worship, zoom, social media, YouTube, congregational websites, email, etc. The church is navigating the necessity technology in proclaiming the Gospel.

Across our cultural landscape in the United States, issues of race, socio-economic divides, quarantine, depression, abuse, and the like, drive questions of morality, conscience, social justice. We as a church must proactively be the voice of Christ. Boldly we must bring the Gospel not just from our Sunday pulpits but also through honest loving relationships in our local communities. Through these new means of technology, we must bring the Gospel to secular popular discourse. Cultural relevance is essential. 
We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our service at the Texas District Church Extension Fund. We are now offering enhanced Online Access to your investments through the new My Texas CEF website. This system upgrade was made with YOU in mind! Call us today to start your enrollment process! Find out more at
Expanding God's Kingdom Together
*For more specifics on terms, see the Offering Circular on our website.
**Amounts over $10,000 receive the Flex Savings rate
All individual Texas District CEF investments (FLEX, fixed and floating rate notes) may be included in a person’s IRA portfolio, through our custodian GoldStar Trust Company. (1) Subject to penalty for early withdrawal. (2) Rates subject to change. Rates reviewed monthly. Texas District Church Extension Fund is a nonprofit religious organization; therefore, CEF investments are not SIPC or FDIC-insured bank deposit accounts. This does not constitute an offer to sell or a request to buy. The offer is made solely by CEF’s Offering Circular.
The mission of the Texas District Church Extension Fund is to extend God’s Kingdom by boldly and responsibly assisting congregations to acquire land and buildings and by linking investors with congregations.

The information available through Extension Extra is neither an offer to sell nor a request to buy any investments. This offer is made only in the  Offering Circular  which is available by calling Texas CEF at (888) 951-1233, by writing to Texas CEF, 7900 East Highway 290, Austin, TX 78724, or by visiting Texas CEF's website: