Dear Friends,

This is the time we usually send our “Volunteer Wire” newsletter, with upcoming events and ways to dig in together. Here at Canopy, we’re missing your presence—missing the energy of our community of volunteers, supporters, and partners. We look forward to the day when we can plant and care for trees side by side with all of you again.

Meanwhile, we can still find peace and renewal among the trees. Here are a few ways to stay close to nature while staying close to home.
Take a Breath
Your environment can have a direct effect on your stress levels. Try giving yourself some time to focus on nature this week. These simple exercises can help relieve and restore your mind and body:
Breathe with the Trees

Breathing exercises are powerful antidotes to tension in the body. You can practice this simple breathing exercise while standing in front of a tree, looking at a tree outside your window, or even looking at a picture of a tree.
Appreciating Nature's Reciprocity

In hard times, it can be helpful to focus on the interconnectedness of all beings. Think about what is being offered to you by the living things around you, and what you offer in return. As you move under the shade of healthy trees, take time for this reciprocal breathing exercise as a way to say “thank you” to the trees.
Spend Time with Trees
Tree Care in Your Own Backyard

Finding a task to focus your energy can be an effective way to clear your mind. Tree care is an excellent stress-reliever, and a great way to get outside while staying home. If you have a yard with trees or street trees in front of your house or apartment, now is the perfect time to give them some care and attention. The trees will thank you for it!
Go on a Tree Walk

Did you know that Canopy's Tree Walk maps are available on our website? Our upcoming in-person guided Tree Walks have been postponed, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out. Get to know your tree neighbors better while social distancing from your human neighbors!
Have Some Fun
Hug a tree

You may not be able to hug a friend right now, but you can still hug a tree! Show the trees in your neighborhood some love, and don't forget to share your best tree photos with Canopy on Instagram or Facebook.
Play Canopy Tree BINGO

Take a walk through your neighborhood while playing "Canopy Tree BINGO". Canopy's Environmental Educator, Vanessa Wyns, created an activity for both adults and kids to enjoy. Can you get five in a row? Don't forget, the game isn't over until someone yells "BINGO"!
Explore Trees and Art on a Virtual Gallery Tour

Did you get a chance to see "Rooted: Trees in Contemporary Art" at the  Palo Alto Art Center  before it closed? If not, don't worry! Canopy partnered with the Art Center to bring you a virtual tour of this unique and inspiring exhibit. On the Canopy website, you can tour the exhibit and even get a drawing demo from one of the artists.
We're In This Together
Though physically distant, we find strength in staying connected to loved ones and to our natural world.

Life is still growing and thriving around us. Birds still nest in the branches of trees, ants still crawl across furrowed trunks, and squirrels still fight over acorns. While we may feel frozen in time, we remember that life is still happening. 

Please know that we are thinking of you all, particularly those in our community who are on the front lines and are not able to socially distance themselves. We hope you find a moment to take a breath, smile, and hug a tree. Be well.
Canopy's mission is to grow the urban forest in Midpeninsula communities for the benefit of all. Our vision is a day when every resident of the Midpeninsula can step outside to walk, play, and thrive under the shade of healthy trees.