Dear Friends,
Feelings of helplessness are growing during this time of social distancing & lock down. So many of us are accustomed to hands-on service and doing nothing can be excruciating. But there are still ways that we can support the community from a distance. Many local organizations are collecting funds to provide food and essential services to the most vulnerable populations in the region. Please check out these listings and help in any way that you can.
American Red Cross
Right now, American Red Cross faces a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this corona virus outbreak. Healthy individuals are needed to donate now to help patients counting on lifesaving  blood platelets  or  AB Elite plasma . Click here for more information and to make an appointment to donate blood.
Central PA Food Bank
As the central Pennsylvania community makes changes to schools, events and services in response to the corona virus crisis, we anticipate that hunger will increase. 

There are thousands of people in our community who rely on the Central PA Food Bank for food. As this pandemic intensifies, they are at even greater risk of missing meals.

Those already in need will feel it first. As jobs are limited or lost, events are cancelled, and schools close down, more children and families will begin to experience hunger. The impact on local economies, including ours, is expected to be significant.

With your support, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank will continue to work diligently to provide food and resources to those in need. But access to food is just the start of helping our community get through this.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know your kindness is needed right now. The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is working hard to ensure we are responding to the needs of our community during this crisis. Click here to take action right now and help by donating.
Harrisburg School District
Although the district is providing meals for students, they are limited on what they can provide and it will not be enough. So with that said, the Central PA Food Bank has agreed to step up and assist to donate more food to be packaged and distributed for our children and families. 
There will be two (2) locations which will serve as assembly points to package, arrange, and assemble meal bags and boxes to then be loaded up and distributed at the six (6) sites in the morning with the school district, and then in the afternoon without the school district. 
Volunteers must register in advance to participate. Please email Blake Lynch for more detail and to register by clicking on this link.  
  • If you feel sick or are caring for someone who is sick or has been sick in the last 15 days, please refrain from volunteering.
  • If you, or members of your household, have underlying health issues, especially respiratory health issues, please refrain from volunteering.
  • All efforts to mitigate the spread of corona virus will be implemented during these essential activities. 
The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army has received a number of inquiries from community members willing to donate food for emergency needs. We greatly appreciate the offers of assistance as the need among our clients is rising. However, with a very limited staff in place, receiving, sorting, and staging items would be very difficult since we are focused on assisting clients. It would also increase traffic at our building at a time when more of our clients are coming through the drive-through for food. 
So in response, if you want to help, click on this donation link and make a financial contribution. That's honestly the most helpful thing you can do. Note "COVID19" or something similar in the memo. 100% of these funds will be used for the bulk purchase of items we need like diapers, baby formula, hygiene items and paper goods. We are working with our good friends at Central PA Food Bank and our rescue partners for basic food items, which continue to be a steady supply source for us. Thank you for your help!
TFEC & United Way of the Capital Region
COVID-19 Community Response Fund
We are one community. During times of crisis it is critical we support each other. United Way of the Capital Region and The Foundation for Enhancing Communities are committed to serving our most vulnerable community members by providing responsive supports to our long-standing and trusted nonprofit community partners on the front lines.

The COVID-19 Community Response Fund will provide emergency funds to long-standing nonprofit organizations in Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lebanon, Perry and Northern York counties that are responding to the spread of COVID-19 and experiencing financial challenges by doing so.

For more information, contact Jennifer Strechay, program officer for community investment, at . Click here to donate to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund.

If you can’t support any of these initiatives, here are some other ideas to find purpose during the pandemic.

  • Facetime with friends and loved ones.
  • Call a friend and ask how they’re doing.
  • Go check on a neighbor, even if you have to talk through a window or door.
  • Write a thank you note to someone you know and send it when you can.
  • Write a letter to someone you know and send it when you can.
  • Write encouraging little notes for people in nursing homes, healthcare professionals, and deployed military and send when you can.
  • Draw, sketch, or do something artistic ~ share on social media so we can all enjoy!
  • Take an online course or watch TEDTalks. Check out our video content “Leadership Unlocked” on Facebook and LinkedIn during the lockdown.
  • Plan something for the summer or fall.
If you believe in the power of prayer, pray!

Thank you, in advance, for your help! Take care and stay healthy!
President & CEO
Leadership Harrisburg Area