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Finding Ways to Enjoy The Egyptian Curse: 
"May You Be Born in an Interesting Time"    
 Through Ariel Spilsbury

Still nest-sitting on the golden luminous egg of creation, are we?  Still in gestation.. warming the answer to the only question the Universe actually wants an answer to: "What do you WANT really?" Stupifyingly simple and yet I understand it, because in my nonlinear universe, elements of the creation loom up to be identified and used like elements in a recipe. It is not so easy or direct as the left brain, but ever so much more entertaining to Consciousness in the meantime.. diaspora of consciousness in the Abyss or the fractal sense of creative chaos..or in physics, clowning around as Heinsenberg's Uncertainty Principle or somewhere on the border of a crescendo into Schoenberg's answer to the Universe, in sound ..somehow finding coherence within atonal music.... but like him, aren't we just a little bit weary of the predictability and apparent safety and order, of tofu, of the ridiculous joke of the political circus, stock quotes and even chaos theory? Though sweeping in vastness of scope and swing, they still don't take into account the dolphin's silver ring

dolphin BlowingRings video
the silver circle of the dolphin ring                         
reminds us all to dance and sing..                     
l ight hearts leaven Love's awakening..
the Divine Child heaven to Earth will bring...

Simple as an expletive when you accidentally hit your finger with a hammer really.. providing scintillating awakeness for a moment at least...blasted into full presence without boundaries. Then the question becomes, how can we make that state of innate knowingness that is awakeness last? Perhaps like the jabberwocky, a mythic species of dragon....by recognizing that you are about to junket, plunket, dunk it, playing for a mysterious galactic basketball team ..presently, hopefully with the focus of a Magus hurling the ball from across full court in the last two seconds of the cosmic game.. To determine if you are that Player, quite simply, ask yourself, is my probable reality triage exploration having a joyfully leavening or disquietingly fearful effect on me? Remember the chariot card in the tarot.. moving the chariot solely with the focus of your own mind/heart alliance and of course, since Alice in Wonderland has my vote for the heroine of the New Myth for Earth... for which, 'til now, there has been such a dearth....expanded, dimensional, non-linear reality heralded in such an unthreatening way as Wonderland....such that even the prison doors of intellectual jadedness that are created by doubt and fear would be held at bay..while the miracle of changing reality squares on Earth to the 33 rd square, is occurring before our very eyes anyway... Unfortunately those with rigidly fixed perceptions find themselves madly slipping on the banana peel of illusion's carefully crafted lies..while Alice and hopefully ourselves bravely live up to the Egyptian curse "May you be born in an interesting time."  by simply watching reality's transmutation into a scintillatingly fresh dimensional paradigm... Alchemists witnessing, open heartedly adoring Gaia, our mother, in our purple robes emblazoned with golden dragons... And through our simple but steadfast focus in Oneness, and thus away from the illusory appearances in 3D, midwifing the miracle of the song unconditional Love sings through every heart in one moment of space/time.  
For that single impact of awakening, are we living this lifetime!
And granted, sometimes even that seems like slim motivation to keep us interested in staying to play here.. but somehow it miraculously has. The ego/mind world of personality boring me to madness while subtle starry gifts lie rotting amidst masks with no eyes that only ask how much such gifts will bring in return for their investment... I've looked at that and I've also heard the rich wisdom a sea shell offers if one listens with the heart, or as Annie Lennox sings, "Money can't buy it, sex can't buy it, power can't buy it".. investment.. in-vest-ment.. di-vest-iture..Vesta... Keeper of the divine flame of the temple, she knows that which is beyond human valuation.. pure, hot, galvanized alignment and investment in ecstasy.    

                                      ..laughing children, playing endlessly in the fields of light provided singularly for our divine enjoyment here on Earth.. laughing with hot tears of relief pouring down our faces in the recognition that we don't have to live in fear or die to live in the ecstasy of Love.. and in that single awakened recognition, the heart naturally emits the golden phosphorescence of the Alchemists philosopher's stone that leads us like the opalescence of a slugs trail pointing the way to the aurora borealis of the mainframe of Consciousness...because of who we intrinsically are. I know you already understand these things tenderly with your open heart and the vibrating soles of your child's happy feet.. So simply be reminded that we offer our love here freely and without conditions.. because we CAN .. is there a greater treasure? i don't know of it.. and add to that a total commitment to authentic expression of Essence, no holding back, wrestling with love's lists of will.. but all the while, at the bottom line, what the Universe really wants to know is, can you un-condense like dew in the morning sun? Can you really surrender to the potency of Love's naked face? Can you actually surrender completely to the expression of the beauty your soul knows so intimately? Can you surrender to an innocent awe potent enough to engulf the most complex mind's polarization in confusion, fear and doubt, turning it into rapture? Will you submit to the fire of Divine Mother's heart.. reeling you into the splendor of full recognition of the astonishing nature of What Is?.. The Mystery clearly beckons. You have obviously summoned the gateway and knocked.. but will you choose to truly enter, stepping across the threshold? You want to, but will fear, control, contraction  by whatever name, "disappear" the entrance to the Mystery like Avalon? Or perhaps it is more accurately seen like the stone gateway to the temples at Eleusis simply offering each entering initiate:

                                        "et quid amabo nisi quod aenigma est?"
                                 And what am I to love, if not the enigma itself?

Through Ariel Spilsbury
As this was freely given to me by the Divine, I give it to you, asking that if you copy it, please do so with crediting.

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  • Do you remember glimpses of serving as a priest/ess or spiritual midwife?
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If so, this process of exploration of the Feminine Mysteries and accessing the innate power and skills held therein, is awaiting your joyful exploration!

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Sarah Uma is a living embodiment of the Planetary Priestess, devoted to the Awakening of the One Heart

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