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Finding Your Zen
This month our insightful experts share tips on how you can create sacred spaces to help you find and maintain your zen so you may live in an inspired life. May inspiration breathe life into your dreams .
Bridget Saraka , IFSG CEO 

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How to Garden When You Have No Garden

I have friends who live in apartments and wonder how they can garden when they have no garden.  There are many wonderful solutions to this dilemma.

If you have a balcony, of course you have at least one source of open space.  It is amazing what can be created on a balcony.  When I first started working as a landscape architect, my boss Ray Hansen cleverly designed and built an amazing zen garden outside our 4' x 10' office space that was a delight to view.  I have a friend who has a rose garden on her balcony.  I have designed many "small garden spaces" that bring clients much joy.

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5 Simple Steps to Creating a Zen Bed For Your Best Ever Sleep

When I think of a Zen bedroom, I imagine a beautiful and nurturing space that supports sleep and revitalization. One of the best ways to lose weight and improve your skin and energy levels is to get enough restful sleep!

In feng shui philosophy, the bedroom represents you and deeply affects your body and soul. At the very least we spend a handful of hour sleeping in this room. Most of that time, we're asleep, in a passive "yin" state, so what we have around us greatly shapes how restful and restorative sleep can be. Here are five simple ways to create a Zen sleeping space to maximize your beauty sleep!

Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month:  Zen Shan   

A perfect moment of insight and complete understanding.

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Feng Shui Tip - What Does Zen Mean to You

If you Google the word Zen you will find many definitions.  Our very own IFSG glossary does not list Zen as a defined word.  There is a reason for that.  What is one person’s Zen is not another's.  Just as every person is different, your Zen is different too.  If you don’t know what your Zen is take a few minutes to sit still and think about what truly makes you happy.  It could be a bubble bath or a walk in the park or even curling up with a good book.

Is Zen over defined or used too broadly?  Perhaps, but boy what a feeling when you discover your Zen.  It is yours, you own it and no one can take it from you.

"Pin"spiration - Zen Board

Create your own Zen board with pics like this or whatever you find your Zen to be.  You will know the pic deserves to be on your Zen board because it will take your breath away.

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Final Thoughts 

We leave you with this Zen inspiration to encourage you to take a few moments today or this week to slow down and rejuvenate your energy. 

Take a 30 second vacation with Lois - Meditation Waterfall

By Lois Kramer-Perez

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