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BC Did you vote early? If not, your last chance to vote for our next governor is Saturday!

Did you hear that the issue of abortion and admitting privileges is headed to the Supreme Court this spring? The high court has agreed to take up the Texas law that was used to model Louisiana's 2014 "Unsafe Abortion Protection Act." Our law, which was argued in district court is June, is still awaiting a decision in federal district court in Baton Rouge.  In the meantime, a number of abortionists in Louisiana still continue doing abortions day in and day out without having hospital admitting privileges. 

With the Supreme Court's intervention, our law's fate will probably rest with that decision. Please start praying for a positive decision in June of 2016!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,  
Benjamin Clapper

P.S. We will be joining Students for Life of America's new bus tour on Saturday Dec. 5, in Baton Rouge and Sunday Dec. 6, in New Orleans to call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. More information coming!
Save the Date
Planned Parenthood Project
Planned Parenthood Project Displaying at La. Colleges

LARTL Legislative Director Deanna Wallace is traveling to various Louisiana college campuses with Students for Life of America's Planned Parenthood Project, a display of five large pink banners and informational handouts that expose the truth of Planned Parenthood's abortion business and illustrate how Planned Parenthood is not essential to women's health.

SFLA coordinators are traveling with two other such displays in other regions of the country, garnering much discussion, opposition, and media attention on college campuses.

On Friday, Nov. 13, the Planned Parenthood Project was on Tulane's campus, manned by Tulane Students for Life, Louisiana Students for Life, and Louisiana Right to Life. The display produced a few protestors who held "My Body My Choice" signs and shouted their support of Planned Parenthood as well as a pro-choice student who attempted to steal one of the banners without success. It also created a balance of conversation among students of opposing views throughout the day, even having a female student exclaim, "I've never considered myself pro-life...until just now!"

This week the Planned Parenthood Project will be set up on LSU's campus.

Follow the project's journey at
Proudly Pro-Life Dinner

NOLA Right to Life Hosting Proudly Pro-Life Dinner

New Orleans Right to Life will host the 17th annual Proudly Pro-Life Dinner on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016, at Chateau Country Club in Kenner.

Rachel Campos-Duffy
The event begins at 6 p.m. with cocktails. Dinner is at 7 p.m.

John Hauler, a longtime New Orleans Right to Life board member and current president of Baton Rouge Right to Life, and the Louisiana Knights of Columbus will receive the 2016 Proudly Pro-Life Awards.

Rachel Campos-Duffy, an author, television personality and mother of seven, will present "The Real War on Women" as the keynote address.

Tickets are $100 per person. Tables are available.

Click Here to Order Tickets
Click Here to Download Flyer   
Louisiana Life March

Louisiana Life March North, South, and Central in January

Will you march with us and take a stand for the priceless value of every human life?  Join us at the Louisiana Life Marches North and South on Saturday, Jan. 23 and our newest event, Louisiana Life March Central on Saturday, Jan. 30!

The 2016 theme of the Louisiana Life March is "Life is Priceless!"  With horrendous videos highlighting Planned Parenthood's sale of baby body parts, we must remind the world that human lives are valuable and priceless. In Luke 12:6-7, Jesus reminds us the value of each human life: "Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.  Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."
For the first time ever, both the Life March North in Shreveport-Bossier and the Life March South in Baton Rouge will occur simultaneously on the same day Saturday, Jan. 23 from 10 a.m. to noon!

The Louisiana Life March Central, an inaugural event, will be held Saturday, Jan. 30 from 10 a.m. to noon. It will begin on the grounds of Louisiana College in Pineville and end in downtown Alexandria.

More details and downloads:

Saturday, Jan. 23: 
Saturday, Jan. 30: 

If you would like to request materials to help publicize the events, please contact our office at 1.866.463.5433 or

A 5-year-old Deanna is shown with her family and the judge after the adoption process was finalized.
Finding a Forever Family the Wish of 100,000+ U.S. Foster Children 
November is National Adoption Month

By Deanna Wallace, LARTL Legislative Director
and Baton Rouge Outreach Director

November is finally here, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Once a year we are asked reflect on things we are thankful for: our lives, our health, our job, and our families. For me, thankfulness and adoption have always gone hand in hand. My siblings and I were placed in the Louisiana foster care system before I was a year old, and when I was 5 the three of us finally got our forever family.

I couldn't possibly be more thankful for the family I was blessed with. They have been there for me through triumph and tragedy, and I love them with everything I have. This Thanksgiving I will once again sit at a table surrounded by the love and laughter of a family, but there are nearly 115,000 U.S. children in foster care who will spend Thanksgiving alone, dreaming of having a family they could be thankful for.

With this sobering statistic in mind, it makes perfect sense that this time of thankful reflection coincides with the celebration of National Adoption Month. The focus of this year's campaign is on promoting the adoption of older youth in the foster care system who are less likely to be adopted. Statistics show that nearly 23,000 youth "age-out" of the foster system each year and are left to fend for themselves.

Having a stable home life is so vital to these children growing up to be happy, successful adults, as older youth who are adopted are more likely to graduate high school and go to college.

As a former foster child I can't encourage our supporters enough to consider adopting a foster child! I'm unbelievably thankful for the opportunities I've been given as a result of the care and support of my family, and I want every foster child to have the same chance at the amazing life that I've been given.

The National Adoption Month website has more information about this year's campaign as well as resources for prospective adoptive parents who want to learn more about how the process of adoption works!

This Thanksgiving, consider giving a foster child a reason to be thankful, by giving them yourself!

Important Positions In Play
for Saturday's Runoff Elections
Please Vote for Pro-Life Candidates

Only 38.5 percent of Louisiana voters went to the polls Oct. 24 to vote on all state elected offices, including governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and all seats of the Louisiana Senate and House of Representatives. This is a disappointing turnout, but the elections aren't over!
Runoff elections in a number of races, including the governor's race, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 21.

Louisiana Right to Life is a non-partisan organization, and it has been our policy for many years not to endorse candidates. Our goal is to educate the electorate on where candidates stand on the life issues. We strive to be fair to candidates, and I believe we have and will continue to do so.  
Our voter education website has been updated to reflect the remaining races and the views on life issues of the remaining candidates. Louisiana has been named the "Most Pro-Life State" in the nation for six years in a row thanks to the dedication of our elected officials, and this upcoming session gives us the opportunity to retain that title by passing legislation to protect vulnerable life from conception to natural death.

Make sure you vote for a candidate who will stand for life, one who will be a voice for the more than 10,000 innocent Louisiana children who are lost each year to abortion, one who will protect the elderly citizens of our state, and one who will ensure that medical professionals are held to the highest ethical standards.

Upcoming Events   

Nov. 21: Louisiana Run-Off Elections

Jan. 14, 2016: 17th Proudly Pro-Life Award Dinner 

Jan. 23, 2016: Louisiana Life March North & South 

Jan. 30, 2016: Louisiana Life March Central 

Feb. 12-14, 2016: PULSE Immersion Weekend, BR
March 4-6, 2016: PULSE Immersion Weekend, Shreveport
April 15-17, 2016: PULSE Immersion Weekend, BR
April 29-May 1, 2016: PULSE Immersion Weekend, COV
July 24-29, 2016: PULSE Leadership Institute, BR 


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