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Well, life as we know it is completely differently. And, we want this newsletter to be a resource for you while we all try to settle into a new "normal". Last week, we asked you how you were feeling. Here's what you answered:

  • 10% were feeling some concern about needs that might come up
  • 90% were feeling fine

For those 10%, we personally emailed all of them, just checking in to see if there was something we could offer, by way of connection, resources, or something else.

This week, we're interested in what your specific needs are. If you have concerns, what is most top of mind? Let us know and we'll report back. Then scroll down to see some upcoming online offerings and, if you have the resources, how you might be able to help ensure our Food Bank is stocked.
What most concerns you right now?
My personal health
My financial situation
My access to food
Caring for my friends & family
My emotional state
Thoughts from Mike
Connecting with Our Community via Zoom
During times of isolation it can be good to get out in nature (keeping the recommended six feet apart). Share your favorite places to hike.

Need some company? Then drop in and stay for a minute or two hours while we keep one another in stitches.

Engage in gentle seated stretches, grounding breath techniques and calming guided meditations.

Inspiring Friendships. This chat group is for all women (no matter how you identify) to discuss topics of interest and find connection.

What’s on your mind during these unusual times? Need to be heard and seen? Join our open forum.

Chat with us about what it means to care for ourselves and each other when we’re not able to physically be near each other.

Need some company? Then drop in and stay for a minute or two hours while we keep one another in stitches.

Engage in gentle seated stretches, grounding breath techniques and calming guided meditations.

Hear from our Clinical Internship Director about tools you can use to self-regulate and self-care during times of crisis and anxiety.

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2. Choose for Mac or PC and follow instructions for downloading.

For iPhone & Android smart phones

Do you know about Amazon Smile?

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as  Amazon.com . The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile (and many of us are shopping online these days), the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice…and we hope you’ll  visit  https://smile.amazon.com  and choose “ The LGBT Community Center of the Desert ” as your charity of choice!
Needed items:

  • Pancake Mix
  • Granola/Protein Bars
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pasta
  • Rice (1 lbs pck)
  • Dry Beans (1 lbs pck)
  • Any canned vegetable, beans, tomatoes, sauces, soups

For more donation needs & guidelines, please click on on the image above or HERE
This period of uncertainty is very stressful for all of us, and perhaps more so for our seniors. To support seniors who are becoming depressed by the stress of isolation, Riverside County’s Office on Aging has two behavioral health specialists available for telephonic counseling.

Their services, as well as, other services provided by the Office on Aging can be accessed through the Office’s Helplink at  800-510-2020.
Coachella Valley Neighbors Helping Neighbors Thru COVID-19
There are plenty of efforts, both organized and individuals who want to offer support and help to people who need it. One such organized effort from Palm Springs Mayor Pro-Tem Christy Holstege is Coachella Valley Neighbors Helping Neighbors through COVID-19 on Facebook . There you can find links to other groups, resources, and even links to sign up to volunteer or request help. As we all do our best to get through this together, we ask that you ensure you follow the guidelines for physical distancing, and any government orders. At the time of writing, Palm Springs has a mandatory order to shelter in place, similar to efforts in San Francisco and elsewhere. 
Creating Awareness in our Community
Keep yourself updated with the facts regarding COVID-19 or better known as Coronavirus . Read, learn, post and pass this information on to others.

For updated official information impacting our community, please visit:

Please visit your local municipality’s website for more information on your city or residence
Songs & Smiles
Local singer, songwriter and entertainer Chris Lomeli reimagined what it meant to spread positivity and love from a safe distance while still keeping his passion for singing and entertaining alive during these times. So he loaded up his car with only the essentials and drove across the Coachella Valley last Sunday to visit twenty-two homes where he sang his heart out, curbside !
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