A Peaceful Mind
One piece at a time
Yesterday was my birthday and the best present was the present I gave myself...
permission to have a "peace of mind" day.

Processing all the craziness that's around us daily while running a business is overwhelming, so I decided that what I really wanted for my birthday was some peace. For 24 hours, I made a conscious effort not to do anything I didn't want to do and instead, only did those things that made me feel happy, good and whole.
Flowers make me happy! They are so colorful and fragrant and always bring a smile to my face. My amazing husband filled our house with an abundance of gorgeous flowers. Here's just one of my many colorful bouquets!


Staying connected with the people I love makes me feel good. I received birthday messages and phone calls from daughters, friends and relatives. Two highlights were reminiscing with someone from my old neighborhood that I hadn't talked with in years and a video chat with our Ethiopian son, Rediet.
When the world is going nuts and everything seems bananas, why not mix it all up and make some bread? Here's my wholesome recipe for Maple Walnut Banana Bread. Whether it's your birthday or not, treat yourself to a warm slice with some cream cheese!!

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